‘An innovative approach to a very assured format’

The judges unanimously agreed that Big Zuu’s Big Eats is simply going from strength to strength. Scooping its third Broadcast Digital Award in a row, the third series of the cooking show managed to maintain an “innovative approach to a very assured format” said one impressed judge, while another said it “feels more confident than ever”.

They praised show’s diversity and inclusivity, with the three presenters Zuu, Tubsy and Hyder continuing to use their platform to normalise representation of minority groups on TV. In the show, the trio of friends invite a range of comedy guests to the Big Eats truck – a new addition for the third series – cooking up dishes in weird and whacky places. They also allow guests to showcase their talents; notably British Muslim comedian Fatiha El-Ghorri owns the stage in front of a white male pub audience.


One judge said the show is “built on perfect and natural chemistry” between the three leads which “delivers as many portions of laughs as delicious scran” while another called the format “fun, funny, and seamless”.

Zuu himself received the most glowing praise of all, with the judges in awe of his comic timing, larger-than-life presenting style and “rare charisma”.



Catfish UK
Viacom International Studios UK for MTV UK

Catfish UK highlights the real-life stories of those who have been duped by people posing as others online, an issue that has affected more than a quarter of people in the UK. The judges were highly impressed by the “compelling stories and characters” which the programme explored with empathy and support, with one calling it a “brilliant cautionary tale for MTV’s audience” and a “channel-defining brand”.

MAFS 2nd image

Married at First Sight UK
CPL Productions for E4

The judges said that E4’s biggest ever non-scripted title, in which strangers marry and attempt to build lifelong relationships, made for compelling viewing. Series seven, which featured two same sex couples (including the first lesbian marriage), launched 257% up on the slot average, became the channel’s most watched programme of the year, and went on to deliver some explosive dinner party revelations and commitment ceremony twists.

Olivia Attwood - 2nd image

Olivia Attwood: Getting Filthy Rich
Optomen TV for ITV2

Olivia Attwood charmed the judges with her honest and non-judgmental approach to exploring the world of selling sex online. Made with an entirely female production team, Attwood threw herself into her first doc investigation by immersing herself firsthand in the sex industry and offering an unflinching insight into the burgeoning business for buyers and sellers alike.

Ross Kemp

Ross Kemp: Shipwreck Treasure Hunter
Honey Bee, Freshwater & Motion Content Group for Sky History

In this four-part series, Ross Kemp takes on series of challenging dives to explore the history of shipwrecks and personally discovered some significant historical artefacts. Kemp undertook weeks of intensive diving training to prepare for the series, which became the most viewed UK commission for Sky History last year and the second highest rated new series for the year. Produced with £170,000 per ep, one judge praised the show for serving a dedicated audience with “high production values on a cost-effective budget”.

Worlds Most Dangerous

World’s Most Dangerous Roads
Renegade Pictures for Dave

In this blend of travelogue and car show, pairs comedians of tackle some of the world’s most perilous roads, getting to know each other and a host of different places and cultures along the way. The judges were impressed with the quality of production and the genuine friendships and conversations that the show features, as well as the neuro-diverse, disabled, racial and sexual diversity of the cast.