‘Full of authenticity’

Goat Films for Channel 4.0 YouTube

Featuring rising star Nella Rose, this show is one of the very few female-led digital series on any of the major broadcaster’s digital platforms.

The series revitalises the gameshow format, adding a touch of anarchy in order to bring it to a new, younger and diverse audience in a way that is authentic and aims to speak to them on their level.


This is the first time Rose has fronted a show of this scale on her own, but she carries it of with aplomb, offering a confident and charismatic performance, which viewers loved – at the time of entry, the most recent episode of the show was the second most viewed piece of content on the Channel 4.0 platform.

Judges described this project as being “full of authenticity” and easy for anyone to watch, no matter their background. They also commended the fast pace and the “little touches” such as music and one-liners which contributed to a riotous and creative gameshow that was incredibly enjoyable to watch.


black britain unspoken

Black Britain Unspoken
Warner Bros. Discovery for Discovery+

This documentary series of three short films is a product of Warner Bros Discovery diversity initiative, aiming to give opportunity to Black filmmakers. As one judge said, “all three films were profound, powerful, but most importantly, real,” spanning topics including autism and blackness, black brotherhood, and the power and significance of African cuisines. The project elevated black British stories and empowered talented new filmmakers.

knife crime

Hollyoaks IRL
Lime Pictures for YouTube

This multi-platform short documentary series explored various social issues pertinent to Hollyoaks’ youth audience through the lens of scripted drama, including teenage cancer, knife crime, women’s safety, alcoholism and the online incel community. One judge described it as “a revelatory programme, combining great contributors with talent in an honest and moving way to bring issues to life”. The format sought to bring sensitive issues to young audiences in an honest, relevant, non-patronising way, with storytelling from real people.

its alright to be white

It’s Alright To Be White
Flying Shoe Films & Ultra Haze for Channel 4.0 YouTube

“A really strong format that is good fun, shareable and deals with important topics.”

Self-described “beige man” Alhan Gencay, with the help of well-loved talent like Nella Rose and Big Narstie, infiltrate Britain’s “whitest tribes” in a comedy investigation that turns the lens back on a Britain that this audience may have never seen. Gencay delivers hard-hitting social commentary in an entertaining and irreverent way with cheeky questions and anthropological enthusiasm.

snack wars

Snack Wars
LADstudios for LADbible TV

This popular short form format humanises big-name celebrities that are used to the usual press junket fayre – including Ryan Reynolds, Gordon Ramsey, and P!nk – and, as such, has had a huge effect on the digital landscape. The concept is simple, clean and relatable, and has an audience reach well beyond the UK. Snack Wars serves up intimate nostalgia, food from around the globe, and funny reactions that go viral.

the fforc

Tisho Fforc?
Afanti Media for Hansh

Literally translated as “Do you want to fork?”, this Welsh language digital series follows desperate singletons as they play wild and ridiculous games on a romantic dinner date. “Innovative, full of energy and made with the passion of people who love short form,” said one judge, this fresh and innovative format allows daters to be judged on face value.