‘Absolutely hilarious and a very talented cast’

 Baby Cow Productions for All 4

Written by and starring Kiell Smith-Bynoe, Red Flag is a sketch show with a difference. Smith-Bynoe plays every wrong-footed and disconcerting hero, with a supporting cast made up of the UK’s brightest stars.

Fast-paced, ridiculous, and discombobulating, the show reflects the modern world we live in with a series of offbeat sketches where characters fail to notice the metaphorical red flags in increasingly unsettling situations. Chock-a-block with tongue in cheek references, Red Flags makes expert and nuanced observations about the modern world, with standout moments including a sketch on the lengths diners will go to when fixing a wobbly table leg in a restaurant.


The sketch show format of Red Flag gives audience a glimpse of different worlds and characters in a smaller, pacier format, easier to consume compared to linear series.

One judge described the show as “an excellent black-led show that is for everyone” and noted that “Kiell Smith-Bynoe is incredibly funny”.

Another said: “Absolutely hilarious and a very talented cast. Found this show really fun and you can see how it would be very shareable online.”

A further judge added: “Great casting and shot excellently – they have used the budget well. A very silly but funny series of shorts. The scripting was witty and relevant. Each sketch was unique and stood alone.”



Hopscotch Films for BBC

SKINT’S major innovation was to work only with writers and directors with lived experience of the theme of poverty. The show travelled all over the UK to seek the truth about living paycheque to paycheque – breathing life into the monologue form. Talent ranged from seasoned professionals like Lisa McGee of Derry Girls fame, to James Price, who gained his first broadcast credit.


Small Doses
Objective Fiction for BBC

Drawing on Helen Bauer’s personal experience of growing up in Fleet, Small Doses focuses on the overconfident and broke Kate, who’s just returned from Germany and is trying to build a life. Expert writing from newcomer Bauer, alongside seasoned writer Rose Heiney, presents an effervescent character and captures the overblown drama of small town life.

The Wedding

The Wedding
Create Anything for BBC Scotland iPlayer

The Wedding is a series of short form monologues taking place at a mixed-race wedding in Scotland, spotlighting members of the wedding party and staff at the hotel. The show expertly examines the cultural experience of a young black people living and working in Scotland, and boasted a diverse cast and crew in addition to giving a platform to new talent.

Whats Happening

What’s Happening?
Baby Cow Productions for Baby Cow YouTube

What’s Happening? has a surreal comic flavour. Comedians portray a variety of maddening interviewees on this tongue-in-cheek criticism of the male-dominated long form podcast. Any didacticism is swiftly derailed as the hosts guide the conversation towards the farcical and the absurd. The show skips through fake ads, adding a meta-commentary and sense of playfulness.


William of Orangedale
Hat Trick Productions (NI) for All 4

The first project to come out of the Belfast office of Hat Trick, this show portrays life on a working class Northern Irish estate. Central character William navigates the usual teenage fare – love, overprotective parents – whilst also dealing with his disability. With a commendable commitment to showcasing new talent, this was the first broadcast credit for some stars and writing talent.