‘Exciting, impressive coverage’

Sky Sports for Sky Sports Cricket

The second season of the pioneering cricket competition sees a second Broadcast Digital Award for Sky Sports’ coverage, which has gained plaudits for bringing new viewers to the sport.

This time round the judges were impressed by the “exciting, impressive coverage,” and believed “the innovations (player mics, avatars, power meter) they have introduced really add to the enjoyment of the event and crucially the understanding”.


Technological innovations brought into the broadcasts include hearing from players while they’re on the field, interactive avatars that viewers can see in their own homes through the Sky Sports App as well as being used in coverage, and a “power meter” that shows just how hard the batters are hitting the ball.

In total, 60 live matches, including both men’s and women’s competitions, were broadcast over 32 days, with all of the women’s matches and nine of the men’s also available on YouTube in an effort to grow the game. The opening match was also shown on TikTok.

Viewers were drawn in by the innovative production, with peaks of over 700,000 for Sky on every match that brought it on par with England matches shown by the pay-TV broadcaster. Overall, 14 million tuned in through either Sky or the BBC, which it has partnered with on the tournament – over half of whom were watching for the first time.

With inclusivity a key aim, there was a 50/50 gender split for on-screen talent, and half the team came from minority ethnic backgrounds.


extreme e

Extreme E – Island X-Prix – Sardinia
Aurora for 80+ broadcasters incl ITV4 & BT Sport

The second season of Extreme E once again saw it push the boundaries of sustainability and remote production in broadcasting. Using dynamic, hybrid storytelling, environmental and sporting data, a vibrant suite of graphics, and ground-breaking AR & VR technology, the electric racing series shone a spotlight on environmental issues while delivering edge-of-your-seat motorsport.

isle of man

Isle of Man TT 2022
Greenlight Television for TT+

The 2022 Isle of Man TT was used as a springboard to launch an OTT platform that quickly reached 57,000 paid subscribers from 185 countries around the globe and has since gone onto over 150,000 paid subscribers. 43 hours of live content was shown on the platform across the 11 days, as well as 15 hours on ITV4, despite a lack of infrastructure on the island.

mobo awards

MOBO Awards 2022 in assoc with Lucozade
CC-Lab for YouTube

Presented as a two-and-a-half hour live stream on YouTube, it is estimated that the 2022 MOBOs had an impressive reach of 3.6 billion thanks to global press coverage as well as the broadcast itself. Shot on 14 cameras including a jib, Steadicam and two remote cams, the show aims to bring diversity to screens and promote black British music to the world.

road to afro nation

Road to Afro Nation: Davido Live
Naked & Thames (Fremantle labels) for YouTube Originals

A YouTube broadcast of the biggest Afrobeats festival in the world, live from Portugal, a number of last minute challenges caused by Covid, second thoughts from the talent, late completion of the festival build, and more, didn’t stop the first access-all-areas production of the event from being a success.

queen elizabeth

The Death of Queen Elizabeth II
Sky News for Sky News

The first broadcaster to deliver the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s death, a full six minutes ahead of its rivals, Sky drew over 12 million viewers on its own platforms as well as another 16 million on TikTok. Strict rules around the broadcast had to be managed, as well as getting the tone right, which Sky continued to do through ten days of continuous broadcast.