‘A stark portrait of grief that told a parent’s worst nightmare in a sensitive and moving way’

“A masterclass in true crime storytelling” is how one judge described this three-part series which centres the family of 21-year-old Libby Squire as police investigate her killing and the subsequent trial of her murderer.

Anna Hall was contacted by Humberside police to tell Libby’s story, granting Hall exclusive access to look at evidence, including interviews with her killer. In a cluttered market of stories about the murders of young women, Hall worked with Libby’s mum Lisa to ensure that the series would not be gratuitous and that Libby and her loved ones would be at the heart of the series.


Anna’s vision coincided with Sky’s mission to provide its audience with programming that reflects the national conversation about violence against women in the light of recent high-profile cases. The doc cut through the press sensationalism surrounding Libby’s case, striking a balance between a propulsive story about the investigation and a depiction of the impact of her death on her family and friends.

“A stark portrait of grief that told a parent’s worst nightmare in a sensitive and moving way,” another judge said. “One wishes that all victims’ stories were told with such sensitivity and purpose.”

The care taken by the team to produce a timely and sensitive documentary, as well as the access to the police investigation and Libby’s family and friends led Libby, Are You Home Yet? to become the second highest-performing original on Sky Crime last year, delivering 28-day consolidated audiences of 540,000 across its three parts.


body on the beach

Body on the Beach: What Happened to Blessing?
Viacom International Studios UK for MTV UK

Marking a rare foray for MTV into feature-length documentaries, Body on the Beach explores whether the disappearance and death of 21-year-old Blessing Olusegun was not properly handled by police and the media because she was a young black woman. It also follows her mother Esther’s fight to find out the truth about her daughter’s death.d The documentary secured an exclusive interview with Sussex Police, where the force apologised for mistakes made in the investigation.


psycho killer

Confessions of A Psycho Killer
Woodcut Media for Prime Video

Patrick Mackay is the longest-serving prisoner in the UK, having served 47 years for killing Fr Anthony Crean in 1975. He subsequently confessed to murdering eight other people and is believed to have killed more people. He was recently denied parole. The doc utilises interviews with people close to Mackay and relatives of his victims, stunning visuals and a voice actor for Mackay’s confessions to provide insight into his mind.


db cooper

DB Cooper: Where Are You?
Fulwell 73 & PMZ Pictures for Netflix

This series delves into one of the most famous unsolved crimes in America, where in 1971, ‘DB Cooper’ hijacked a flight, extorted $200,000 in ransom and then parachuted out of the plane with the money, never to be seen again. The doc also reflects on the case’s impact on American culture and the enduring fascination with ‘DB Cooper’.


dublin narcos

Dublin Narcos
Blast! Films for Sky

This docudrama spotlights the explosion in popularity of drugs in Dublin in the ‘80s and ‘90s and the kingpins responsible for it. The trade in Class A drugs redefined crime in Ireland and fuelled a rise in addiction, violence and organised crime in the capital which persists to this day.


fred west

Fred West: The Glasgow Girls
IWC Media and Clear Cut for Sky Documentaries

This three-part series focuses on West’s first known victims, his first wife Rena, their daughter Charmaine and her friend Anne McFall, whose disappearances and murders went forgotten until the Wests’ crimes were discovered in 1994. Centred on the victims, this series asks why they were never reported missing and why repeated warnings about West’s abusive behaviour went unchecked by authorities.