‘A great show that proves comedy and celebrating diversity go hand in hand’ 

Judges described Out Of Order as “a great show that proves comedy and celebrating diversity go hand in hand”. 

Championing themes about identity in a unique format that requires its guests to judge a book by its cover might seem like a difficult task – but the show deals with the undertones of these complex issues in a way that remains light-hearted and empowering for everyone involved. 

Gamechanger Programme of the Year

The show’s audience is as diverse as its cast. Viewers with a disability made up 22% of the show’s audience (up 275% on slot), and female viewership increased from up 51% on slot in the first episode to up 93% for the second episode. Overall, the show launched strongly with episode 1 up +22% on slot average, and viewing increased for the second episode, up 74% on slot average.  

Hosting trio, comprising Rosie Jones, and team captains Judi Love and Katherine Ryan – people who have spoken publicly about being judged based on their appearances – clearly resonated with their audience, and Jones and Love have praised Rumpus Media and Comedy Central UK for their support.  




Locked In 
Cowshed Collective for FootAsylum 

Locked In’s popularity continues to grow, with so much traffic for FootAsylum that its website crashed during the first episode.  

The show’s live voting feature saw 200K downloads in two weeks for the FootAsylum app, and the appeal of the show’s social media stars amongst younger audiences has earned it over 100 million views in fan-made edits on TikTok. All episodes trended on YouTube, with half hitting the number one spot. 


Royal Kill List 
72 Films for Sky History 

With a budget of £650K per episode, Royal Kill List dramatizes the story of King Charles II and his plan to seek vengeance the people who signed his father’s death warrant in 1649.  

The show set out to be fiercely modern, but at the same time unwaveringly true to historical accuracy. 

The first episode pulled in over 300K viewers within the first 24 hours of being broadcast. 

Marlow Murder

The Marlow Murder Club 
Monumental Television for Drama 

With only two episodes, The Marlow Murder Club brought in over 2m viewers, and its first episode was Drama’s top-rated programme of all time. It ranked third in its timeslot, with peak viewing figures at 1.5m. 

The series is careful to show female relationships which are not characterised by conflict or competition as they often are, showcasing the multi-generational and multi-cultural bonds between Samantha Bond (Judith), Cara Horgan (Becks) and Jo Martin (Suzie).