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  • Scotland Decides peaks with 5m

    THURSDAY: BBC1’s coverage of the Scottish referendum peaked with nearly 5m as viewers waited for the results to start being announced.

  • Celebrity Squares slips below 3m

    WEDNESDAY: ITV’s Celebrity Squares failed to impress viewers after losing 20% of its audience following last week’s opener.

  • BBC2 motorway doc overtakes BBC1 referendum show

    TUESDAY: The Garden Productions’ ob-doc The Motorway accelerated away from Scotland Decides after the BBC1 referendum special polled just half the slot average.

  • Cilla sparkles for ITV Video

    MONDAY: Cilla has become ITV’s highest-rating new drama launch since Broadchurch, as Glue got underway with more than 600,000 viewers on E4.

Educating The East End

Even spoils in clash of titans

Ah, school. Even now, the discordant rattle of a classroom door rekindles memories of milk warming by the radiator, the stress in delivering a Valentine card when she barely even knows you exist, the jam jars speckled with paint and the eye-bulging concentration required to play the trumpet.

X Factor

X Factor duo call the tune

A funny thing happened last week. I answered the door to a bewhiskered man, who beckoned me to enter a large device wheezing gently in my garden.


Stonehenge solid for BBC2

Family holidays usually involved driving along the A303, but I never remembered to look up from my pristine Beano Summer Special in time to see Stonehenge properly.

Celebrity Juice

Sour return for Lemon

‘Squeamish’ is an understatement. If the word ‘brain’ is plonked in the same sentence as ‘stem’ and ‘cell’, the world starts a-whirlin’ and it might be “look out floor, here I come”.

Rizzoli & Isles

Rizzoli & Isles on par for Alibi

It’s rare nowadays to come across a place of which you haven’t previously heard. With information so swift, no place is hidden. But recently I thought I’d found one.


Double boost for Scottish TV Video

Commonwealth Games and live independence debate cap a solid first six months for STV and BBC1 Scotland.