Camilla Arnold Series Producer See HEar

Time to ‘open doors’ for deaf media professionals

See Hear series producer Camilla Arnold urges TV industry to do more to recruit deaf people

cloud security

How remote cloud working enhances security

Jon Mason, CEO and co-founder of Hotspring on the security advantages of remote working in VFX


Adopt the ‘grow-pro’ model to give a leg up to smaller indies

Both sides would benefit if the bigger players were required to join forces with smaller firms to land a commission, says Faraz Osman

charlene white empires child

Black talent need chances to make it in the mainstream

Commissioning for Black History Month is one thing, but diverse casting all year round would make a bigger difference, says Fatima Salaria

AdobeStock_181750728 [Converted]

Practical challenges make commissioning so hard

Our survey suggests that being swamped by email poses more problems than fostering creativity

68719_2_S1_Ep2_It's A Sin S1 Ep2-11

Social realism is helping broadcasters in SVoD battle

Series like C4’s It’s A Sin would never be greenlit by an SVoD – but they should, says Danny Brocklehurst


Commissioner Survey: in a nutshell

‘Commissioners will always be the subject of debate and speculation, but this is their chance to tell their own side of the story’

bectu bullying

Bullying isn’t just about ‘a few bad apples’

The issue is systemic, according to the authors of Bectu’s report into unscripted management practices


Go green or go home: sustainability in media productions

Craig Wilson, product evangelist at Avid, on how you can reduce the costs of TV production while reducing the carbon impact it has on the planet


The past, present, and future of TV technology

To mark World Television Day, heavyweights from the TV technology industry speak about what’s to come

jamie johnson

How Jamie Johnson tackled racism for CBBC

It was time our children’s football drama addressed the issue, says Anita Burgess


Why Strictly’s ‘silent dance’ was so important

Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice’s extraordinary routine reminds producers why purposeful entertainment is so powerful, says Matt Campion

Neil A

Comment: It's time for a mass migration to the cloud

Neil Anderson at Codemill explains how a cloud-native way of working adds efficiency, scalability and remote accessibility


In My Skin helped me unpick a lifetime of shame

BBC3 drama’s return shows truth is essential to successful scriptwriting, says Kayleigh Llewellyn

The Money Maker

Black hosts shouldn’t be seen as ‘risks’

My Channel 4 series The Money Maker was a rare example of a black business expert on British TV, says Eric Collins

Medium_70301_5_S5_Ep5_The Great British Bake Off S5 Ep5-1

Comparable data will benefit the commercial broadcasters

A cross-media measurement service puts TV in a better position to compete for advertising with the online giants, says Kate Bulkley

Peter Bazalgette Lindsay Hoyle Nancy Pelosi

Distinctive domestic content is key to our national identity

Streamers have brought more choice but the PSB model must be protected, says Peter Bazalgette

BTS Charlie Adiya

Time to stop undervaluing our production managers

They are the backbone of every show and their worth must be acknowledged and properly rewarded, says Lorraine Heggessey


Timing feels right for reset of freelancer relations

Unprecedented demand for crew sits uneasily with the relentless pressure of many productions


Why do so many shows feature violence against women?

‘Would it really be so hard today to come up with imaginative new plots that don’t involve the brutalisation and murder of women?’

Colin Butfield

Saving the planet is TV’s greatest task

Climate change is the big challenge of our future, so where are all the programmes reflecting its importance, asks Studio Silverback’s Colin Butfield


Will actions match intentions in terms of changing the industry?

The freelance workforce makes changing attitudes about issues such as chronic illness very challenging, writes Laurence Williams


How remote commentary can create a better experience for fans

Uzi Kakuda, head HB production & executive producer, CHL and associate director at Infront Productions on how remote commentary can continue post-pandemic

space studios 5

A sinkhole in Weatherfield? All in a day’s work

Space Studios Manchester’s Dean Sinacola lifts the lid on Corrie’s latest stunt

Julia Lopez

We’ll secure UK radio’s smart speaker future

The government is prepared to legislate to make sure listeners can easily find their favourite UK stations, writes culture minister Julia Lopez

EE 5G Remote Broadcast with BT Sport

Unlocking the potential of broadcasting in 5G

BT Sport’s Matt Stagg explains the role of private networks in enabling 5G broadcasts

Furquan Akhtar index

Why we need more South Asian writer representation

Giving writers the space to portray ourselves authentically on screen will be life changing for so many people, says Furquan Akhtar


ITVS: recognising production management

The industry has woken up to the invaluable contributions of PMs and its now time we implement change, write Angela Jain and Helen Killeen

Sky Glass Voice remote - lifestyle, TV in action

Looking into Sky Glass

A super slick product, but a potential slow burn, writes Alex Farber

My Brilliant Friend

Great drama can speak to audiences in any language

Foreign-language shows are on the rise as viewers focus on quality of content, not country of origin, says Andrea Scrosati


Launching a new studio in the wake of a pandemic

Marylou Thistleton-Smith, founding director of The Voiceover Gallery, reveals the challenges, unexpected positives and reasons behind opening its new studios post-pandemic


Time to rethink received wisdom around streamers

Co-pro boom is helping streamers feel a true part of the UK industry


Distributors make right calls to survive

‘Many sales companies have been forced to take make-or-break decisions and switch business models’

Channel 4 Content Creatives pic 5

Work with us to usher in a new generation

The boss of Manchester’s Sharp Futures explains why industry partnerships are key to opening up the industry


Comment: How to launch a successful startup

Jon Mason and Varun Parange of VFX talent platform Hotspring provide their top tips for setting up a VFX-focused company in 2021


Comment: How AI is enhancing localisation

Amir Jirbandey at Papercup explains the benefits of AI-powered automated dubbing

Boris Johnson

How the Tory 'tax on jobs' will impact TV

National Insurance hike will significantly hurt the industry’s workforce, but good preparation will shield you from the worst, says Melanie Reed

Wordsworth and Coleridge’s Romantic Road Trip

In praise of Scotland’s TV arts scene

Commissioning programming locally platforms otherwise unheard stories and improves diversity, says Pauline Law

Olympics 2020 Tokyo 2

How Telstra Broadcast Services delivered the Olympics

Anna Lockwood, Telstra Broadcast Services’ global head of sales, explains how it helped the Olympics and Paralympics reach a quarter of the world’s population


Broadcasting challenges for long-form sports

CEO of Cerberus Tech, Chris Clarke looks at how cricket, tennis, and other sports need to adapt for the future


Comment: The timeless art of foley

Soundtrack Creation’s Sefi Carmel explains the mysterious world of foley


Selling C4 would betray underrepresented voices

4Stories could not exist at a profit-driven broadcaster, say Ben Bickerton and Philip Trethowan

Dermot Lavery index

We are all Channel 4 - and we can save it

Production newcomers from as far and wide as in Belfast, Glasgow, Birmingham and Brixton would be cut off at source by a sale, says Dermot Lavery

BTS The Queen and the Coup 4

Six ways to make production management fun again

Big Little Fish’s Georgina Surtees delivers her blueprint to ‘make production management a desirable career path’

Emma Raducanu tennis

Preserving ‘did you see’ moments

The stories behind sporting glory are best told via free-to-air says Jonathan Thompson

Vivienne Molokwu and Sharminder Nahal

Black to Front: forging a legacy

We were tired of taking small steps, say Vivienne Molokwu and Shaminder Nahal

Sara Johnson

We need more bridges to the disabled community

Jack Thorne’s MacTaggart proves that advocates and those with knowledge of the issues can enable the best disabled stories, says Sara Johnson

MacTaggart_Jack_Thorne_wide2_Credit_Rob Langley

Time for industry to rise to MacTaggart challenge

If the Edinburgh lecture struck a chord, then do something about it, urge Andrew Roach and Caroline O’Neill

Noel Curran European Broadcasting Union EBU

Why sports federations should look to free-to-air

Noel Curran, director general of the European Broadcasting Union - which represents public service broadcasters across the continent, explains why sports federations should continue to back free-to-air broadcasts.

EMS Image 2

Time is ripe to invest in building a sustainable workforce

Companies that show they appreciate work-life balance will be more successful in attracting the best talent, says recruitment expert Dermot Casey


What video editors can gain from AI and ML

Dave Colantuoni at Avid provides a series of practical examples of where artificial intelligence can aid the work of video editors

Jason Roy plays a shot in the hundred

How The Hundred can harness the sound of cricket

Paul Reynolds, MD at international creative music agency MassiveMusic, explains how the competition can take advantage of the sport’s musical heritage


Will this (finally) be disability’s breakthrough moment?

Scattered Pictures boss Kim Tserkezie is hopeful Jack Thorne’s MacTaggart Lecture will bring meaningful change in the industry

BTS in The Cockfields garden

TV should not be afraid to tackle class issues head-on

The sector should think hard about which definition it opts for, says Elsa Sharp

Olympics 2020 Tokyo 1

Olympics highlights the shift in power away from PSBs

Sub-licensing deal with Discovery leaves viewers disappointed and illustrates the tough challenges facing the BBC, says Scott Bryan


Don’t write off C4 – pushing boundaries is still in its DNA

It may not be the risk-taker it once was, but C4 still offers inspiration to many, says Danny Brocklehurst


Resisting privatisation doesn’t mean keeping the status quo

There’s no doubt C4 needs to change – but that’s far more likely if it retains its public ownership

Amira and Iqra1140RT HP

Privatisation: Lessons from C4’s past

What does the previous failed attempt to privatise Channel 4 say about the prospects of avoiding a sale next year?

Clive Ruby

When Ruby Met….Clive

How Ruby Wax’s teachings on talent shaped Clive Tulloh’s career


Revitalising live shows with virtual audiences

Tom Bowers at interactive audience specialist consultancy Hypothesis Media highlights the creative opportunities for virtual audiences

Infosys Roland Garros (2)

How far has AI come on and off the court?

Raghavan Subramanian, AVP and head of the Infosys Tennis Platform at Infosys, explains how AI can change how sport is covered.

Sky News

News channels still hold value

Their business model is challenged but their power and influence shouldn’t be ignored, says Toby Chapman

The Look post-production

The future of post-production after Covid

Thomas Urbye, CEO of The Look, explains how post houses and the productions they work with, should change after the pandemic


Reaching the next generation of sports fans with mixed reality

Sam Leadsom, VP for global business development in sports at Pixotope, tells Broadcast Sport about the future of mixed reality in sport


Inclusivity will be key to this year’s Edinburgh TV Festival

Jack Thorne will put disability centre stage and we’re taking up the challenge to ensure that everyone feels welcome, says Fatima Salaria


It’s time to act decisively to rein in the streaming giants

Traditional broadcasters cannot compete with their deep-pocketed rivals without government intervention, says Kate Bulkley


Why I’m no longer talking to media execs about C4 privatisation

I want a public C4 and a new regulatory environment to formally introduce ring-fenced funds for diverse-led productions, says Marcus Ryder

Jon Swain Photo 4 Nov

Don’t let gov’t force our hand on C4 sale

The plan to sell broadcaster is a crude magician’s trick that we reject wholeheartedly, says Jon Swain

Caroline ONeill

Disabled people must be part of the conversation

Any solution for getting more disabled people into the industry should take into account our lived experience, says Caroline O’Neill

Deborah Williams index

Misconceptions and biases are holding back progress

If we are to bring down the barriers to our industry, we need to change the narrative around disabled talent, says Deborah Williams

MARS virtual production stage

The rise of virtual production in the UK TV industry

David Bajt and Rowan Pitts of Bild Studios and MARS Volume discuss what the future holds for virtual production tools, technologies and workflows.

Chris Curtis

Making the economic case for C4 is key to winning the fight

Broadcast editor Chris Curtis calls on the industry to argue that privatisation doesn’t stack up commercially


Insurance scheme has given UK headstart over rest of the world

The £500m backstop has ensured that the growth of recent years wasn’t for nothing, says DCMS minister Caroline Dinenage


Don’t criminalise journalists for doing their job

Plans to alter the Official Secrets Act will have a chilling effect on doc makers and news and current affairs, says John Battle

Mark Rowland

AVSR: the revenue stream indies are missing

Little is known about secondary rights but they are worth cash to every producer, says Mark Rowland


5 Top Tips for creating Interactive TV spin-offs CEO Guy Gadney on how TV series can extend off the linear screen and into an immersive, interactive world

Canon PTZ (1)

PTZ cameras – The future of broadcast?

Matthew Koshy of Canon Europe on the benefits of high-end PTZ cameras in enabling streamlined crews to capture 4K content

Riaz Mehta

What VoD buyers want: the truth about local players

Distributors should not pass up oppportunity to work with emerging services without consideration, says Riaz Mehta

Its A Sin

We have a duty to ensure C4 survives

If the PSB is privatised, it would kill off a genius child of British broadcast says producer Dermot Lavery

Before We Die

C4: is there value in privatisation?

Industry veteran David Elstein explains why fears for the broadcaster may be misplaced


PSBs are ignoring their remits in the Midlands

Some regions are more equal than others and broadcasters’ programme spends prove it, says Mike Bradley

Rosie Jones and Stu Richards

Why is there still a stigma about coming out as disabled?

My own experience offers an encouraging sign that the industry is on the normalisation path, says Stu Richards


Stand up and be counted on issues that affect our industry

It’s time to make sure our voices are heard when it comes to creative sector public policy, says Peter Bazalgette


The BBC should capitalise on Eurovision’s popularity

A Saturday night entertainment show to select the UK entrant would deliver ratings and boost our chances, says Scott Bryan

68719_5_S1_Ep5_It's A Sin S1 Ep5-10

Threat of C4 privatisation appears greater than ever

The broadcaster has seen off past attempts, but is facing a much tougher challenge this time around, says Maggie Brown

Filming with the relatives

Selling C4 is an affront to free speech

C4’s unique remit to commission programmes others cannot and will not order is threatened by privatisation, says Callum Macrae

70029_1_S1_Ep4_We Are Lady Parts S1 ep04-6

The government is gunning for C4 – so it’s time to speak up

Britain’s whole TV ecology is at risk as the government kicks off its push for privatisation

thumbnail_Derek Moore C&TV 1

On a mission to be fair, green and moral

Derek Moore, CEO and co-founder of Coffee & TV explains what B Corp is and what it means to his business

Michelle Singer

I’m Jewish – why don’t I ‘count’ as BAME?

Being told Jews aren’t included in PSBs’ diversity counts is hurtful and unhelpful, says Michelle Singer

Kimberly Godbolt

Don’t do a disservice to production managers

TV has ignored PMs for too long but the Covid crunch has proven how vital – and scarce – they are, says talent manager Kimberly Godbolt

Gemma Collins

Famous faces help build the podcast industry

Celebrities aren’t ruining podcasting – they’re opening them up to a wider audience, says Josh Adley

Infosys Roland Garros (2)

Can digital sport experiences overcome online fatigue?

Navin Rammohan, vice president, segment head marketing at Infosys, looks at whether Zoom fatigue can be defeated.

PSB prominence

Forget preservation, the PSB debate needs to be about growth

Freeview’s Jonathan Thompson wonders if government is asking the right questions in current review

Dan Wootton_090

GB News review: one-sided TV and proud of it

The much-debated news channel has hit our screens with a few scores to settle, but does it offer something new, asks Stewart Purvis

Holby family

RIP to my Holby City family

Don’t let the heart of BBC1’s medical drama be forgotten, says David Innes Edwards

The Dumping Ground

Storytelling must reflect Britain’s diversity

We should strive to provide everyone with the opportunity have their experiences reflected, says Emily Burnett

Sophie Bernberg

It’s time to truly welcome the LGBTQ+ community

Television has a responsibility to create worlds featuring safe queer spaces, says Sophie Bernberg

Ben Smith

N&R indies must target premium factual

The growing number of regional indies means producers must engage SVoDs to land work, says Ben Smith

Tim Henman tennis Amazon Prime Video

IP bonding and the future of sports broadcasting

Ophir Zardok, sports solutions & business strategy director at LiveU, explains the latest developments in IP bonding and sports broadcasting.


Roku has the tools to make its mark in the streaming world

The US firm has evolved and its user relationships and advertising expertise put it in a strong position, says Kate Bulkley

Worzel Gummidge

Be nimble and open-minded to thrive in changing times

Argonon will adapt to new platforms, content providers and shifts in consumer behaviour as it enters its second decade, says James Burstall

Deborah Furness_1500px sRGB_DSF0549

Impartial news is the bedrock of our PSB system

ITN’s special recognition win at the Broadcast Awards underlines the need for public service journalism, says Deborah Turness


Celebrating the best of British TV

“The industry’s innovation and perspiration helped see the nation through an incredibly testing period”


The UK should open up to the thrills of a writers’ room

There’s always a place for the singular vision but the US approach suits longer runs, says Danny Brocklehurst


Failings of the past must not damage the BBC’s future

Broadcast’s view on the Bashir scandal and Lord Dyson’s report

Zeb Chadfield 01 M

Mental health behind the screen is at crisis levels

Not enough action is being taken to improve the mental health of post house talent, says Zeb Chadfield

Chris Curtis

Industry must stand together to stamp out harassment

More anti-bullying measures and a truly united front could give workers greater confidence to raise concerns

Danny fenton

Don’t let indie TV become the new ESL

There are many parallels between the shape of the UK production sector and the failed European Super League project says Danny Fenton

motioncloud 1

Mocap in the cloud: The future of motion capture

Rob Löring, senior business director of 3D body motion at Xsens, takes a look at what could be next for motion capture.

Screenshot 2021-05-19 at 10.27.17

VFX and the virtualisation of content

David Ingham, client partner, media and entertainment at Cognizant explains how visual effects are opening up ever more creative options for producers

Stuart Macdonald 3

Stuart McDonald: a personal tribute

Richard Woolfe remembers an outstanding director and a dear friend

Magic Hands

Magic Hands: setting an example for the younger generation

Execs tackled racism in the deaf community in first UK kids series to feature a majority deaf, black crew and presenting lineup


Original voices on Coronation Street

David Proud sets out how he combined ‘wheelchairs and cobbles’ with great success

Philippa Childs

Systematic change is needed for dignity at work

Resource must be allocated if harassment is to end, says Bectu head Philippa Childs


Lack of diversity is a market failure

Monopsony theory teaches us why broadcasters fight over Steve McQueen but the rest of the industry remains remarkably non-diverse, says Marcus Ryder

The Last Dance

Young diverse talent will ensure docs continue to thrive

Documentaries create debate and offer fresh perspectives – they can only be enhanced by including more voices, says Lorraine Heggessey


We must give young talent the opportunity to hone their skills

The industry should provide training and allow people to make mistakes rather than reject them because they lack experience, says Ruth Pitt

Chris Curtis

Meetings are magical – but new ways of working are here to stay

Remote working has been a boon for many in the industry and it would be a shame to lose that flexibility

office flowchart

Commissioning is a lottery – there must be a better way

In a world of measurement and big data, why does a green light still come down to luck, politics and personal opinion? asks Ash Atalla

The Island

When adapting IP, channel your inner Bear Grylls

Collaboration, compromise and teamwork are crucial when transposing IP from one medium to another, says Giuliano Papadia


Helping kids understand autism through TV

Our Cbeebies series Pablo has become a great tool for explaining how people interpret the world, says Gráinne McGuinness

Snow Leopards

The door to wildlife TV is open to the LGBTQI+ community

Things have come a long way since the “tokenisation and stereotypes” of the 90s, says wildlife presenter Dan O’Neill

Ruth Pitt

CCC: nations and regions takes centre stage

Creative Cities Convention co-founder Ruth Pitt gears up for this week’s launch

Screenshot 2021-04-16 at 12.27.45

Top 5 moments in interactive television

Co-founder and CEO of, Guy Gadney selects his five favourite examples of interactive TV

Stu Watson index

Why TV needs a Spotify of streaming

We’re in the CD age of on-demand services but consumers demand more convenience, says Stu Watson

IP lawyer

The intellectual property issues of volumetric video

Graeme Murray at Marks & Clerk discusses potentially thorny legal issues to do with the way the viewer engages with volumetric content

Jeremy Kyle

Producers must follow duty of care rule changes

Ofcom safeguards make clear indies must ensure contributor welfare, says Nigel Abbas

The Live Lounge Show - Best Music Programme

Why it’s crucial to hire from diverse backgrounds

The BBC’s new production staff quotas don’t solve all problems but are a step in the right direction, says Steve Wynne

Iron Mountain Entertainment Services

Archives save the day for sports content

Simon Jones, head of studio at Iron Mountain Entertainment Services UK, explains how archive came to the fore over the past 12 months.


Nurturing Would I Lie to You

Peter Holmes and Rachel Ablett, the husband and wife team behind BBC1’s comedy panel show, reveal how they keep the magic of the series alive

69615_S10_Ep1_Gogglebox 2

TV should lead the way on ending workplace bullying

We have a duty of care to each other and our industry should be ahead of the curve in calling out bad behaviour, says Jane Perry

Oprah with Harry and Meghan

We must pressure government to do right thing on prominence

Broadcasters have to work with the global streamers or risk becoming irrelevant – but they have an ace up their sleeve

Davie index

Quotas to the fore as Davie’s change agenda gathers pace

The BBC is to produce more shows outside of London, but devolution of commissioning power is unclear

Author Headshot_Broadcast_Lorelei Mathias by Katy Dutton

Sketch comedy is flourishing but needs more space to shine

Young talent are breathing new life into a genre that looked dead and buried just a few years ago, says Lorelei Mathias

Joe Cole, Sope Dirisu Gangs of London, Sky Atlantic

Much to admire as indies battle hard

‘This year’s Indie Survey is testament to a brilliantly hardy industry that kept battling, and found a way to get things done’


Lockdown lesson: if you wanna get ahead, get a shed

Garden working has been great, but I’ve had to swap Channel 4 for Naked without meeting my colleagues, says Fatima Salaria

Shayna Waldman

We have the power to stop industry bullying

Happier workplaces create stronger and more creative productions, says Shayna Waldman

Real full monty live 01

The doors to equality are beginning to open

There is room for cautious optimism as the conversation sparked by BLM continues into 2021, says Real Full Monty exec Ashley Banjo


Female directors: fighting for recognition

Friends warn us to deny our families to ensure we’re heard, but the best commissioners cherish talent, writes Cosima Spender

Dave VFX comment

VFX Trends – what’s hype and what’s not

David Cordon, head of TV and film, Flipbook Studio discusses the pros and cons of recent trends in VFX production


Let slow-burn series warm up

Are we losing potential classics over demand for immediate hits, asks Dan Sefton

Bloodlands gallery (1)

How indies can get Brexit secure

The double whammy of exiting Europe and the pandemic impacts producers profoundly, but there are solutions, says Val Cazalet

Kate Collier index

Docs: the rock stars of non-fiction

Global non-fiction in film and TV is booming and British sensibilities mean indies can lead the way, writes Kate Collier

AI image

Rise of the Machines: AI in Media

Rickard Lönneborg, CEO at Codemill on what developments need to happen in AI and ML to maximise their benefits for media workflows


IWD: Celebrating women in VFX

Alex Coxon profiles some outstanding women working in the VFX sector


IWD: VineFX celebrates women working in VFX

The company profiles 11 female professionals working at the visual effects house

Barbara Slater_B5A8034_V1

IWD: BBC Sport chief on women’s sport and female leadership

Barbara Slater on the growth of women’s sport and the shifting attitudes to females both on and off screen over the last 12 years

Andrew Neil (1)

Robust regulation is key to keeping British news buoyant

No matter the furore, GB News and News UK will need to abide by the same rules as everyone else


Streamers must stop hiding behind the big numbers

Lack of transparency over ratings is confusing for viewers – and may even be hurting the platforms’ smaller shows, says Scott Bryan

World’s Tiniest Masterpieces

Improving industry diversity shouldn’t be so complicated

There are simple processes that can be implemented to ensure we achieve a more inclusive workforce, says Sarah Stevenson


Linear TV not about to disappear any time soon

A hybrid distribution model is emerging, says Freeview’s Jonathan Thompson


Playing the long game

Andy Wilson reveals why he’s taken the unusual step of directing all 24 episodes of ITV police drama Unforgotten to date


British journalism needs reinvention

RTS-nominated Need To Know’s Seth Goolnik and Warren Nettleford set out how news providers are failing to engage young audiences

DontScareTheHare (224)

How dock10 created production and post-production facilities from scratch

Dock10 explains how it has grown from its beginnings to the present day.

Jeremy Darroch Correct 2018 - High Res

Pursuing a net zero strategy to make a better world

Jeremy Darroch on how Sky is implementing its unique sustainability initiative

Gold Rush 1

Discovery+ is well placed to follow in Disney+’s footsteps

Factual broadcaster can leverage global linear channels and pay-TV relationships to boost streaming service, says Kate Bulkley


No need for Dutch courage if intimacy is handled correctly

Intimacy co-ordinators are vital to ensure actors feel comfortable enough on set to give an authentic performance, says Vanessa Coffey

Deborah Williams xx

CDN chief: ‘huge scale of inequality must be addressed’

Diamond’s Fourth Cut shows minorities are still being excluded from senior roles, says CDN executive director Deborah Williams

70302_10_S4_Ep10_The Great British Bake Off Finalists_0

Hope for a better year lies in putting staff welfare first

The industry has been inspiring in how it dealt with the pandemic, now focus must shift to colleagues

19276363-high_res-the-repair-shop-s5 (1)

How a malice-free format is thriving during lockdown

The BBC can’t always wallow in nostalgia, but The Repair Shop is just what’s needed right now, says Peter Bazalgette


Human interaction can be just as gripping as crime

Success of series like Normal People and I Hate Suzie shows you don’t need cops and killers to attract a big audience, says Danny Brocklehurst


Is your business ready for ‘The Great Compression’ of 2021?

CEO of Rakuten DX, Olivier Alluis, takes us through the opportunities and potential pitfalls ahead in 2021.

katie price harvey me

Gaining Katie Price’s trust

Director Hannah Lowes on creating an intimate portrait of the reality star


A camera operator’s view: filming in Covid

Channel 4 News chief camera operator, Ray Queally, on the many challenges of filming news content during Covid-19


We’re letting down working mums - just ask Dorothy

Podcaster Shaunagh Connaire is frustrated by the industry’s female talent drain

Michael Apted index

Memories of Michael Apted

Producer Claire Lewis reflects on four decades of collaboration with the legendary documentarian

Studioworks 3

Why collective action is key to increasing inclusivity in production

CEO of BBC Studioworks, Andrew Moultrie, calls on the industry to build on diversity efforts

Richard Wallis index

Time for TV to make lasting new year’s resolution

Bournemouth University’s Dr Richard Wallis says Covid-19 catapulted the industry’s bad habits into the spotlight

OTT Mediakind comment

COMMENT: Engaging fans and boosting revenue through D2C

Dheeraj Ravula, head of product for D2C video solutions, MediaKind, takes us through the growing opportunities in D2C/OTT

ocean rescue

How the industry can collaborate to make change

As Sky is unveiled among the sponsors of COP26, Sky Studios chief Gary Davey explains why it is launching guidelines on sustainable production

Virtual events

Virtual Worlds: Avoiding the Gimmicks

Creative agency DRPG on how to use gaming tech without falling into the trap of the ’gimmick’

Zayn and Zayna - All characters copy

Ensuring 2021 is a year of progress

Broadcasters, indies and filmmakers will have to sticks their heads above the parapet and understand the power they hold, says Wa’qaar Mirza

spy wars

Don’t forget the multichannel broadcasters in PSB review

Policymakers must acknowledge that non-PSBs play a key role in the success of a mixed TV ecology, says Heather Jones

World on Fire

Distribution strong in the face of Covid

‘Buyers have been forced to change the nature of their relationship with sellers and think creatively’


This festive period, spare a thought for commissioners

Scheduling the perfect mix over Christmas is tough – and Covid has it even more of a challenge, says Lorraine Heggessey

Chris Curtis

Revolution in the air as industry looks to future

As broadcasters embrace the digital world, TV can and must do more to represent everyone

Natpe Miami

Virtual events can be almost as good as the real thing

Napte Virtual Miami 2021 will be a seamless experience for all – and as fun and educational as ever, promises JP Bommel

BBC Wales - 007

Building an all-IP HQ for BBC Wales

Roger Crothers, head of technology at BBC Wales goes behind-the-scenes at BBC Wales’ new state-of-the-art HQ in Cardiff’s Central Square

Stephen Mulhern on the set of latest Celebrity Catchphrase series

Shining a light on production management

David Mortimer hails division as the Cinderella of the industry

Mill archive

The challenges of long-term archiving

Eric Bassier, senior director product marketing at Quantum, outlines the long-term challenges of looking after your irreplaceable content

Maya Jama

Bringing back the MOBOs’ magic

Bringing back the music awards show for the first time in three years is vindication for an unexpectedly tough year, says Justin Rees

Vittorio - Freefolk

The impact of Covid on industry juniors

Vittorio Giannini, joint MD at Freefolk on ensuring those starting up in the industry aren’t hindered by the negative impacts of Covid lockdowns

Richard Bennett

Richard Bennett: a tribute

Roger Law says goodbye to an accountant extraordinaire, producer and a very good friend

The Queens Gambit

Why The Queen’s Gambit gets women so right

Female characters are often portrayed as dependent on men for their happiness, but Netflix’s chess drama makes no such mistakes, says Joanna Tilley


Shift to on-demand gathers pace as pandemic strikes

Broadcasters that exploit their online services the quickest will win this particular battle, says Kate Bulkley

John King new

Journalist certification a necessity to benchmark truth

As fact becomes increasingly hard to discern in the fake news era, certification offers a means to bring back trust, says Ben Fenton


Disability should not be a barrier to working in TV

While on-screen representation is improving, the hiring of off-screen talent is still well below target, says Deborah Williams

69591_1_S1_Ep1_Naked Attraction S5-2

Evidence not ideology should shape PSB future

The ecology of public service broadcasting has to evolve, but debate must be open and honest

Gold Rush

Lockdown has transformed post sector – for the better

Productivity has increased while plush offices and hotel-style customer service are no longer necessary, says Derek Moore

Sunshine Jackson Underhill

Why TV must learn to manage properly

It’s time to end ‘anti-management’ techniques that impact mental health and cost producers money, says Sunshine Jackson Underhill


Collaborate to captivate audiences

Connecting producers to leaders in other fields will create better formats, says Donna Taberer


Harnessing PSBs in a modern world

Working out what should be preserved and what needs to change is crucial to the PSB review, argues Jonathan Thompson

The Trans Women Athlete Dispute

Don’t forget TV’s LGBTQ community

Broadcaster diversity pushes are great, but they are missing us out, says Greg Sanderson


Finding the lockdown formula for IndieLab

Nothing beats good, old-fashioned networking but our class of 2020 has made the most of digital opportunities, says Victoria Powell


Indies need to embrace a diverse ecology

Pandemic has highlighted the importance of having multiple revenue streams, says Duane Jones

Alex Pumfrey

Mental health support is key to getting TV back on track

Six months of global pandemic have taken their toll on the industry, says Alex Pumfrey


BBC3 needs to balance online and linear

Combined presence across TV and on-demand is best strategy for youth channel, says Scott Bryan

Fox & Friends

US-style news won’t work in UK

Impartiality rules mean there is no place for polarised, opinion-heavy services, says Peter Bazalgette


Broadcasters are no longer slaves to the schedule

The BBC and ITV are leading the charge in transforming the commissioning status quo, says Chris Curtis

Britain's Got Talent ITV

Broadcasters must promote social change

Work at ITV and Channel 4 proves channels are on the right course, says Mihir Haria-Shah

Nishy Lall new

Time to take diverse voices off mute

Television businesses to help young people from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds break into the sector, says Nishy Lall


Giving Sherlock a Russian makeover

We’ve reimagined the quintessentially British detective for a Russian audience but his beloved core attributes remain untouched, says Nurbek Egen


Planning for life after furlough

With the Job Retention Scheme set to end, now is the time to organise your indie’s future, says Val Cazalet

iplayer bbc

PSBs face challenges - but they benefit from market changes too

Competition is hotter than ever, but those rivals are funding the PSB co-pro boom, says Adam Minns


The industry needs to bring a diversity lens to every table

The TV sector needs to interrogate the shortfalls and discrepancies in representation across all genres, says CDN chief Deborah Williams

Seetha crop

Bullying: no time to waste

Resources are already available to tackle this problem, writes Seetha Kumar


Bravery required from PSBs as pressure mounts

Content offering is strong but challenges remain around distribution, platform and branding

Prince Avalanche

AVoD’s unintended upside

Free, ad-supported on-demand services can be the digital era’s free TV, says Chris Sharp

Nacressa Swan website photo1.JPG

Diversity schemes are great – but they need to go further

A scheme launched my career and innovative new initiatives can do the same for the diverse voices we need in this industry, says Nacressa Swan

The Great British Bake Off

TV is bouncing back - but there are bumps ahead

Production is back on its feet, but awkward debates around programme costs require compromise and common sense, writes Chris Curtis


Making a Millionaire during lockdown

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? line manager Clair Carney on the show’s Covid-19 safe return to the studio

Ash Atalla index

No need to rush to judgement

New shows, and the new Broadcast, need time to settle, writes Ash Atalla


Unpicking ratings has never been trickier

Reaching younger viewers is hard – but still achievable, writes Danny Brocklehurst

BBC news image

Covid-19 accelerated BBC News’ remote working

The pandemic has demanded a more flexible operation, writes Morwen Williams

Chris Curtis

A new-look mag to reflect the changing TV landscape

Like the rest of the industry, Broadcast has had to react to the challenges of Covid-19

Tom Bradby

Covid coverage debates have been crucial at ITN

Striking the right reporting tone has been a huge challenge, writes Tom Bradby

STar Trek Picard

Stakes high as the streaming wars heat up

Traditional players are playing catch up having lost power to digital players, says Kate Bulkley


Keeping the show on the road during Covid

Live productions most at risk from suspension as tech adoption accelerated, says Reed Smith partner Ingrid Silver

Wild Korea 2

‘Korea can become a co-pro Mecca’

The nation has steered clear of a full lockdown and is open for business, says Korea’s self-proclaimed pioneer of international co-productions

MBI logo

MBI’s diversity editorial policy

Our public Editorial policy on diversity.


The tech that’s shaped news reporting over the last 50 years

Ryan Kamata, European product manager at Canon Europe looks back at the technology that’s made the biggest impact on news broadcasting

Matthew Littleford index

My Mentor: Jon Stroud on Matthew Littleford

I went from installing WiFi on buses to creating programmes thanks to Matthew’s guidance, says Jon Stroud


Dominic de Terville's branded content breakthrough

A deal involving the clothing brand, Theo Walcott and Sky Sports showed the Zinc Media exec how commercial and editorial could be perfect partners

How do solve_Maria_99481

Telly’s got talent - Connie Fisher on talent development

Transitioning from the West End to the development room gave a unique insight into talent, says the How to Solve a Problem Like Maria star

Tim Davie at BBC Central Square

Davie wastes no time making statement of intent

Floating idea of 20% cut in hours is sign of radical thinking

David Olusoga

Olusoga sets agenda for an important Edinburgh

MacTaggart lecture lays down gauntlet for industry to make good on diversity pledges

Nav Raman

Don’t let labels define your indie

Chatterbox creative director Nav Raman queries value of being identified as a ‘BAME-led producer’

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 11.30.55

​Tackling video piracy head on

Akamai’s Ian Munford on his concerns about the rise of piracy and what can be done to defeat the pirates


We must collaborate to avoid getting squashed in fast lane

Lobbying Ofcom and government must be joint industry effort, writes Freeview’s Jonathan Thompson


Covid can be catalyst for change in comedy

The lack of an Edinburgh Fringe this year forces us to find talent elsewhere, says Richard Watsham

Chris curtis

Is working from home working?

Five months into lockdown, replicating the creativity of offices remains a challenge

james may moon

Obituary: Aidan Laverty

Jonathan Renouf remembers a producer who took James May to the edge of space

Chris curtis

Only action can rebuild the trust lost over diversity

Anger evident from BAME community as broadcasters promise to do more

Jago Lee

Why podcasts are TV’s new obsession

Audio allows producers to attempt the ‘unproduceable’, says Jago Lee


Life in an audio post house during Covid-19

Lee Walpole , Sound Editor and Re-recording Mixer, Boom

Grayson’s Art ClubC

PSBs must be clear-eyed about scale of challenges ahead

Ofcom content chief Kevin Bakhurst questions what the UK broadcasting sector’s ‘lockdown legacy’ will be

Matt Cain2

Incentivise the industry to save production

Without intervention, indies face reduced broadcaster commissioning budgets for years to come, says Matt Cain of Oliver & Ohlbaum


Why I’m waving goodbye to TV

Production’s a wonderful way to make a living but it’s no longer worth the stress, says Gigi Eligoloff


Green shoots sprout at ITV

First-half results cause for some optimism – but production margins under pressure

lorraine_10 (1)

The diary of an agent in lockdown

Supporting talent, negotiating fees and encouraging creative development have been key, says InterTalent Rights Group chairman Jonathan Shalit OBE


Insurance breakthrough paves way for autumn restart

Optimism that prodcution capacity could shortly be back to 70%-80%

VeryNice Mirror Mirror

TV is an infinity mirror of itself

For too long we have dumbed down and homogenised the way we represent our nation, says Andrew Robertson

Chris curtis

Squeezed indies caught in the middle

Tough choices for production sector as it gets back to work

Stuart Carter

The co-production survival guide

Working with production partners isn’t perfect but it’s more necessary than ever, says Stuart Carter

The School That Tried To End Racism23

Indie leadership lessons are vital - so let’s share them

ScreenSkills and Broadcast hosting 22 July event to discuss challenges of the pandemic


What the Radio 1 of yesteryear can teach today’s BBC

Paul Robinson on what radio’s relationship with 15-24s reveals about an audience that’s falling out of love with the BBC


My Mentor: Emily Dollman on Steven D Wright

The long-time Broadcast columnist may have a reputation as a grumpy telly hater, but nothing could be further from the truth, says Emily Dollman

Antiques Road Trip returns to filming

Hats off to hard-working indies

Return to production is result of gruelling efforts

Joe Tasker and Adam B

Is Gen Z lost to the PSBs?

Claire Hungate asks whether linear broadcasting can win back young audiences


My Mentor: Greg Sanderson on Nick Fraser

The former BBC Storyville supremo taught me the true art of keeping filmmaking simple, says Greg Sanderson

Angela Griffin and Robin Shepphard

My Mentor: Angela Griffin on Robin Sheppard

Robin Sheppard helped the popular actor realise she is capable of working behind the camera, not only in front of it


Banijay faces structural balancing act

Creativity and efficiency are elusive combination for whole production sector

James Friend

My Mentor: James Friend and James Stier

How cinematographer James Friend is supporting camera assistant James Stier’s move from docs into high-end drama

BTS the country walk

‘Excluded freelancers seem to have become the permanently forgotten’

Series director/senior producer James Taylor’s personal experience shows ‘the government doesn’t understand how our industry actually works’

13877621-high_res-dragons-den (1)

Tim Crescenti on discovering Dragons’ Den

The moment the formats guru saw a ropey trailer for the Japanese business format, he knew it was a hit

basketball 360

Streaming 360-degree video: The challenges to overcome

InterDigital tech staff discuss the stumbling blocks on the way to offering high-definition 360-degree video streams to a mass market

Lily & Ola-1

C4’s Growth Fund must not become a Covid-19 casualty

Kate Bulkley says it is a lifeline to producers – and generates healthy returns

My Grandparents War

Pressure mounts on indie community

Closure of Wild Pictures points to sector under strain

Vanessa K

The more who come forward, the better

Vanessa Kirkpatrick, one of the UK’s first black newsreaders, says speaking out is vital for change as she recalls her experiences of racism within the industry

Redrow Social Distance Shoot

The new rules of production and the role of the on-set Covid Operative

Dominic Allen, video director and scriptwriter at DRPG on returning to shoots post-lockdown and the new role of the Covid Operative

Jade Bake Off Teletubbies

Tales of a veteran TV hack

Robin Parker looks back over a 13-year career with Broadcast as he signs off from the title


David Cornwall on ‘serendipitous’ Diana doc

Navigating secretive contributors, demanding commissioners and NDAs were all worth it for the Scorpion TV founder


Carlotta Rossi Spencer’s format trio

Every deal, good or bad, is a learning experience, says Banijay formats guru


Disney and Sky: a linear relationship that fizzled out

The breakdown of carriage for linear kids’ channels speaks to new imperatives for both sides

Jellyfish Pictures Global Hubs

Jellyfish: Why We’re Going Remotely Global

Jellyfish CEO Phil Dobree on how virtualised production has eliminated global boundaries

Graham Sherrington

Don’t let Covid-19 derail nations and regions progress

Industry must not retreat to London post-pandemic, says Graham Sherrington

Ashley Jean Baptiste

Creating an industry of equality

Broadcasting can be inclusive of young people from all backgrounds, says Ashley-John Baptiste

Top Gear

Ingenuity and insurance key as production restarts

Creative thinking is central to helping overcome social distancing obstacles

David Wise

My Mentor: Mel Bezalel on David Wise

Fresh One creative director steered the RDF development chief through her early career with ’generosity and genuine interest’

STV Productions_Antiques Road Trip_S14_week 1_Charles  Catherine (2)

TV will survive if we work together

Lockdown has been hard but starting up again is an even bigger challenge, says Craig Hunter

Enterprice_s2-530 copy

The time for real action is now

Every single company has a responsibility to create a diverse production sector, says Fraser Ayres

This Morning

The challenges for TV studios during lockdown

BBC Studioworks CEO Andrew Moultrie on the changes the TV studio has had to make to keep productions safe during lockdown

Derek-Drennan2 (002)

‘The stability of the TV industry is reliant on our junior workforce’

Worrying ‘chain reaction’ has been set off as experienced execs take on junior roles, says The Nest Productions founder Derek Drennan


Eat, sleep, watch repeats

Schedules are suffering as lockdown bites


Reasons to be cheerful for the new DG

The BBC’s deft handling of the coronavirus has provided a real-life case study of the value of PSBs, says Jonathan Thompson

The Farm recetpion 3

The A-Z of life in post-production during lockdown

The Farm Group commercial director Charlotte Layton shares an A-Z of working at the facility during the pandemic

When See Us

Bectu chief: the onus is on the white majority

The privileged must use their positions of power to deliver real change, says Philippa Childs

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 17.03.47

What Ashford International Studios will mean for Kent

Gavin Cleary, CEO at Locate in Kent on what impact the Ashford International Studios development is likely to have on the county


Turning the advertising ignition

Market on road to recovery as car showrooms open their doors


Time to turn statements of support into actions

Black Lives Matter must be catalyst for genuine change


My Mentor: Tim Whitwell on Pat Llewellyn

Formidable but fabulous, Pat Llewellyn was a TV powerhouse with a touch of class, says Tim Whitwell

Marcus Ryder index

Broadcasters have gone backwards on inclusion

Diversity of headcount is not enough - TV must find ways to empower BAME staff, says Marcus Ryder

Nicola Ibison index

Pandemic will breed new creativity

If TV returns to ‘normal’, we will have squandered a unique chance to innovate in our industry, says Nicola Ibison

MPC comment

How VFX can aid productions in a post-Covid world

MPC VFX supervisor Gary Brozenich on the role of VFX in enabling productions to shoot in a smarter, safer way

Ghosts - BBC images for article

Hints of progress after a brutal few weeks

Indie sector on tenterhooks as it edges towards getting back to work

Snowpiercer_Jennifer Connelly

An important part of our media landscape has gone dark

Surge in Unidentified viewing leaves industry searching for answers, writes Attentional’s David Graham

Lucie Ridout

My Mentor: Lucie Ridout on Nick Metcalfe

Following the lessons I learned from Nick Metcalfe has helped me every step of the way in my career, says Lucie Ridout

Jimmy humphrey

Protect creativity and the future could be perfect

Covid-19 poses commercial challenges for producers and distributors but there is opportunity ahead if we are collectively smart, says Jimmy Humphrey

Drag Race UK

BBC3 linear return is investment in corporation’s future

By creating watercooler moments, the youth channel could help BBC compete with Netflix, according to Studio BE chief Brandon Relph

inside the ambulance

Hitting a century: the benefits of a high volume returner

Inside the Ambulance has transformed Brown Bob and given us confidence to spread our wings, says Jacqueline Hewer


The puzzle of BBC3’s move back to the future

Younger viewers’ habits at odds with linear resurrection

Adam Badrawy

‘Charity runs have offset anxieties’

Running 31 half-marathons in 31 days has eased anxieties over work and focused my mind on positives, says Adam Badrawy

Perjeet Aujla

‘The pandemic has shown that industry can be fairer’

With coronavirus forcing the industry online, regional workers have been handed an unexpected advantage, says Perjeet Aujla

Nick Metcalfe

Lockdown is hard on young TV staff

Working from home with my adult children has reminded me of how lockdown is affecting our younger staff at Arrow, says Nick Metcalfe

Cheri Darbon

‘I hope this period will spark change in the industry’

The failure to help freelance producers has hurt financially but current events could spark a production processes review, says Cheri Darbon


Why Mental Health Awareness Week is vital for freelancers

Providing support and advice for TV’s workforce is crucial during lockdown, says Seetha Kumar

mental health

‘I face five months of unemployment’

The production lockdown came at a terrible time for freelance entertainment producers

Inside no 9

Directors can be key to production recovery

Our creative approach will find solutions to many of the problems producers are facing, says Dan Zeff

top gear 2019

Knowledge is power - and it’s time to share

Production strategies to combat coronavirus must be openly discussed

C4 News Cambridge Analytica trio

Ben de Pear: social media must support PSB news

Platforms that benefit from our investment in journalism must differentiate real news from fake - and pay for it, says the C4 news editor

Crimecall 2

Keeping Ireland’s Crimecall rolling on lockdown

A tenth of the entire population tuned into our live crime-fighting show but production required buy-in from many parties, says Stephen Stewart

Lucy Bacon 2

My Mentor: Alice Boorman on Lucy Bacon

The Two Rivers Media exec is the energy in every brainstorm, the champion of the smallest voice in the room and maybe the best boss in TV

Donalda MacKinnon

Audiences should recognise PSB value in its entirety

Criticism of our news teams is deeply unfair on the majority of our staff, says outgoing BBC Scotland director Donalda MacKinnon


Covid-19 calamity shows freelancers need New Deal

Join the conversation and help Bectu shape a stronger and more secure future for all, says Phillipa Childs

Tony Robinson's VE Day Minute by Minute - Woodcut Media IMAGE 2  (1)

VE Day in Lockdown: we borrowed our neighbours wifi

With our presenter on lockdown and the edit moved to the shed, our Discovery doc became a domestic affair, says Kate Beal

royal history's biggest fibs with lucy worsley

How long will the BBC bang the drum for BBC4?

Cassian Harrison’s puzzling move to BBC Studios could signal that it’s time up for BBC2’s brainy sister

John Mug shot

My Mentor: Sofia Parisi on the NFTS’s John Lee

John Lee helped kickstart my career after I left Italy for the UK, says set designer Sofia Parisi


Europe’s PSBs need help to excel during the crisis

Covid-19 is bringing out the BBC and its public service cousins but they need support to continue that work, says Noel Curran

ITN newsroom

Hardy young producers deserve praise

The future careers of ITN producers are being forged in the white heat of the coronavirus crisis, says David Stanley

Question Time

A resilient industry will forge new paths

From virtual commissioning to avatars and thermal cameras, TV is finding ways to adapt, says Tara Conlan


Stakes are high as broadcasters seek right answers

Tricky questions in the offing about who should foot lockdown bills

Mark Downie

Lockdown TV: it’s time for phase two

Right now, viewers want escapism - not self-filmed fodder or coronavirus docs that feel like an endurance test to watch, says Mark Downie


My Mentor: Meryl O’Rourke on Saskia Schuster

Saskia Schuster made me learn how to enjoy the writing skills I possess, says Meryl O’Rourke

Spring at Jimmy's Farm

How Red Sky scored commissions during lockdown

The current climate forced us to essentially rip our indie up and start again, but new business shows we made the right choice, says Jane Rogerson


Modesty is The Repair Shop’s biggest asset

The show’s successful move from daytime to peak continues a long-held BBC tradition, says Carla-Maria Lawson

Joe Wicks

Online takes on big beasts in entertaining the nation

Content creators are using their strengths as agile risk-takers to shine in lockdown, says Deborah Coughlin


Reality smash offers reasons to be cheerful

Too Hot to Handle should pave the way for a British boom in Netflix non-scripted

Kate Bulkley

Covid-19 poses unprecedented challenge to TV

The route to recovery is uncharted and only innovation will guide broadcasters through the choppy waters ahead, says Kate Bulkley


Analysis: Netflix results mask coronavirus threat

A slowing of the original content pipeline will reveal itself later this year, writes Jonathan Broughton

esports punk rock

Alternative thrills: Why esports is like punk rock

Ross Video esports business development manager Cameron Reed on the anti-establishment appeal of esports

HOME - 3

Lockdown has scotched Quibi’s strategy

We may never know if the audience the mobile-only service’s owners were chasing actually exists, writes Broadcast Intelligence’s Jonathan Broughton

C4 newsroom

Ben de Pear: lockdown’s untold stories and unsung newsroom heroes

In his second dispatch, the Channel 4 News editor reflects on the challenge of late-changing running orders and salutes his team’s ‘holy trinity’


Logjam looms as novelty of lockdown TV wears off

Impossible for every show to swing into production this autumn


My Mentor: David Sumnall on Ben Frow

Ben Frow is not my mentor in the traditional sense but his actions changed my life

Giuliano Papadia

Why Covid-19 could create opportunity in Italy

Country is likely to be Europe’s first to leave lockdown and international broadcasters may move productions there, says Giuliano Papadia

Most Dangerous Game

Quibi bids to overcome mobile SVoD curse

Loud and vivid but lacking depth is Broadcast insights editor Jesse Whittock’s first impression of fledgling service

David Mortimer 1

A time for bold ideas to bloom

There’s never been a more important moment for indies to think even more creatively, says STV Productions chief David Mortimer


Going inside the ICU

ITV News health correspondent on striking the right tone in the ‘red zone’

Pandemic When Will Science Stop Virus

The monumental fight facing C4

PSB could take inspiration from commercial rival as it battens down the hatches


Navigating anxiety in a time of crisis

Bad times pass, but the good discovered through periods of difficulty lingers, says STV news head Steven Ladurantaye


Fixed-rigs: the next frontier

Brown Bob Production’s Nicki Gottlieb on the future for fixed-rig shows

Michelle Langer

How I survived nine months in lockdown

Struck down by a medical issue, I was forced to develop techniques to get me through isolation, says Michelle Langer

Donna Taberer

My Mentor: Harjeet Chhokar on Donna Taberer

Donna Taberer is a true one-off with a contacts book that puts Laura Kuenssberg to shame - and always has my best interests at heart

C4N newsroom

Ben de Pear: Covid-19 has rewritten all the rules

Covering the biggest crisis since WW2 has brought challenges and surprises - not least government’s attitude to news media, says the C4 News editor


The freelance conundrum

Has the decades-long path towards casualisation of labour gone too far, asks Chris Curtis


Are post, VFX and animation houses open for business?

UK Screen Association CEO Neil Hatton on how companies are innovating to stay safely open for business

Plank PR_1

Tips for staying sane during the corona crisis

Working from home requires discipline, time and an ability to laugh at sheep, says Lou Plank

David Lyle index

My Mentor: Danny Fenton on David Lyle

David Lyle was upfront, honest and always on hand to offer advice

john oliver coronavirus

The uncanny appeal of audience-free shows

Hosts and talent performing in isolation could very soon become the norm, says Robin Parker


There’s light at the end of the tunnel

Producers of factual and formats will be in much demand when the national lockdown is over, says Steven D Wright

coronavirus your questions answered cbbc

BBC has chance to silence political naysayers

Our national broadcaster has played a blinder in a time of crisis. Is it enough to convince the sceptics, asks Max Goldbart


Hot shows for extraordinary times

Broadcast showcases the latest programming from around the world

Auschwitz women

Colourisation brings history to life

Demand from buyers has surged as technique helps reach new audiences, says Lilla Hurst

The Teacher S2 Ep1G

Deal-making enters a new era

Industry must reset its relationships to get through this turmoil

Coronavirus image

Covid-19 risks accelerating gender inequality

Whenever this crisis ends, there’s no guarantee schools will reopen at the same time as work. What price will working mothers pay, asks Marcus Ryder

Derek-Drennan2 (002)

How to prepare for the months ahead

Derek Drennan, founder of small indie advisory The Nest, outlines best practice for a coronavirus contingency plan

Team Human picture

Improving TV’s mental health

My harrowing experience of the industry prompted me to help others, says Naomi Harvey

Clone Wars

Pressure on at Disney as Chapek takes reins

Kate Bulkley assesses how outgoing chief executive Bob Iger will work with successor Bob Chapek to secure his legacy

Chris Curtis

Uncertain times call for solidarity

Industry must pull together as coronavirus threatens to reshape TV

Georgette Turner

Freelancer crisis: location managers reach out to juniors

With productions potentially on hold for months, small pockets of help are springing up for those out of pocket, says Georgette Turner


An unprecedented crisis for TV

Covid-19 has already halted shoots and sports fixtures. Advertising revenues are now set to spiral, writes Jack Genovese of Broadcast Intelligence

Oliver Dowden

In times of crisis, the BBC can shine

Corporation can “rise to the challenge” to unify the country in troubled times, says Oliver Dowden

MipTV 2019

Are digital markets the future?

As coronavirus closes Mip TV, there are alternatives to meeting face to face, says Ian McKee

Andrew and Doreen 24 Hours

No quick fix for the N&R skills gap

Only by investing in training and development will we achieve sustainable growth, says Ruth Pitt


New buyers boost market

‘The numbers point to a sector in rude health and broadcasters still hungry for great shows’


Only radical change can save the BBC

In an extract from a new book about the corporation, Tiger Aspect founder Peter Bennett-Jones looks at how it can futureproof itself

Chris curtis

Coronavirus requires cool heads

Epidemic is challenging normal business practices in many ways

Mrs brown

An open letter to the new DG … whoever she may be

Neglect your core, non-metropolitan, viewers at your peril, warns Fiona Chesterton


The Herculean effort of reforming the BBC

Kicking off a series of industry thought pieces on the BBC, Iain Dale says it must recognise it can’t do everything - and nor should it


Digital licence can save the BBC

Everyone wins by switching the burden of payment to broadband firms, says Faraz Osman

27 Feb BI Breakfast -7957

Unity is key to taking on SVoDs

Collaboration is the only way for UK industry to achieve scale to compete


Appeal to youth or become irrelevant

Bold, targeting programming that attracts 16-34s is the only way for broadcasters to survive, says Richard Pickering


BBC walking a tricky tightrope

PSB must look to future without forgetting its founding principles

Broadcast Elephant format

It’s tough being a freelancer

I considered starting a new career after selling my indie but TV is my life, says Steven D Wright

mental health

Mental Health: views from TV’s frontline

FRIDAY: A PM speaks out about the perils of freelancer culture and its impact on wellbeing

mental health

Mental Health: views from TV’s frontline

THURSDAY: Adeel Amini calls for broadcasters to provide psychological aftercare for production staff


How video is changing the behaviours of consumers and audiences

Imagen VP product marketing Ian Mottashed reveals the agenda for the company’s annual Tech Summit

mental health

Observations from a PD who struggles with the ‘invisible chronic illness’

WEDNESDAY: Observations from a PD who struggles with the ‘invisible chronic illness’

Gentleman Jack

BBC needs a level playing field

The corporation’s social media rivals should be regulated and taxed too, says Kate Bulkley

New Broadcasting House 140719-high-corporate

Time to stand up for the BBC

Supporters need to be ready if looming political threat materialises

mental health

Mental health: views from TV’s frontline

First-person testimony from people in the TV industry who have experienced mental health issues


Let’s be honest about illness

A cancer diagnosis left Julie Heathcote acutely aware of how tough the TV industry can be

broadcasting house

BBC on the hunt to find friends

New DG must get indies and PSB rivals on side to tackle challenges

Tony Hall speech at the Science Museum_Sept 2015 Anthony Devlin_PA

A relatable DG is vital for BBC

The corporation plays a crucial role and needs a leader who will listen to audience, says Asif Hasan

Tony Garnett

Remembering Tony Garnett

The drama producer’s funeral was a celebration of an uncompromising and influential man, writes Maggie Brown


Gameshows are backbone of TV

International popularity makes genre perfect for platforms’ global expansion, says James Fox


Brexit will heat up VoD battle

FAANGs will be in an even stronger position without oversight from EU, says Kate Bulkley


Making Dolby Atmos setups smaller and more streamlined

Jigsaw24 senior pro audio consultant David ‘Saxon’ Greenep reports from the NAMM Show

yorkshire vet

And the winner is… regionality

Broadcast Awards highlight the industry’s strength outside London


Innovation shines through

“A fantastic combination of some very well-deserved but ultimately unsurprising winners and some that flew a little under the radar”

Broadcast Masked Singer

We need to bring back the fun

Shows like The Masked Singer deliver much-needed joy in serious times, says Steven D Wright


The diversity dinosaurs will die

Fight may be long but economics ensure outdated views will become extinct, says Katy Brand


Lack of nuance is killing debate

The adversarial nature of much discussion on TV today is poisoning us, says Amna Saleem


A 2020 vision for PSB

From the hunt for a new DG to Ofcom’s latest PSB review, never has there been so much at stake yet so much uncertainty, says Jonathan Thompson


SVoDs throw down the gauntlet

Can UK broadcasters rise to streamers’ public-service challenge?

22_Icon Films

Valuing staff is key to success

‘Television’s top employers understand the pressures their employees feel and actively work to improve the working day’


The heat’s on in Miami

Natpe proved its credentials as a proper sales market and avenue for an insight into the Americas, says Ben Barrett


Don’t be a snob about daytime

Episodic shows give new writing talent an opportunity to hone their skills, says Dan Sefton


Digital advertising is the future

Commercial broadcasters need hit shows but should also offer targeted ads, says Kate Bulkley


Landmark step for court reporting

Allowing cameras in courts will make the legal system more transparent, says John Battle

broadcasting house

Era of change beckons for BBC

Next DG must stick to guns on funding but embrace transformation

Wonders Earth's Sacred

Did the BBC lose its faith in its Year of Beliefs?

What happened to the corporation’s promise to bring religious debate to a wide audience, asks Torin Douglas

TFI use

There’s no fast track to success

We need to nurture both talent and ideas to create true breakout hits, says Stephen Stewart


Keep the entertainment coming

Genre has real momentum and a few risks can push it to next level

Samira ahmed

Why the BBC was wrong about Samira Ahmed’s case

The Newswatch presenter’s pay tribunal exposes bigger diversity problems at the BBC than a single gender pay dispute, says Marcus Ryder


Let’s rebrand ‘low end’ factual

‘Popular doc series’ is more suitable for these innovative shows, says Hannah Demidowicz


Time to present a united front

PSBs must stand together to defend TV journalism post-election

The Great Hotel Escape 2

Playing the long game with IP

Independent distributors aren’t bound by the need for instant success, says Karen Young

corrie ogdens

A love letter to British television

These inspirational shows demonstrate the strength of the industry

Broadcast Review of 2019  colour

Byrne, BritBox and a fresh prince

Broadcast looks back on a year of SVoD launches, licence fee rows and a car-crash interview

Deborah Williams xx

Industry must get to grips with disability experience

More collective work is essential for TV to reach its off-screen targets, says Deborah Williams

TRTV spalsh 300dpi

There’s money in niche content

Smaller players are finding focused, monetisable ways to attract audiences, says Kate Bulkley


Reasons for cheer in dark times

Despite the challenges, there is much to look forward to in 2020


A postcard from Tokyo

The World Congress of Science and Factual Producers highlights myriad opportunities and looming challenges in specialist factual, says Ed Stobart


Netflix must adapt to flourish

With just a single revenue stream, the streamer is in a tough spot, says Simon Woodcock

First Dates Hotel

Prospects good for streaming era

New platforms bring opportunities as BBC supercharges iPlayer

Sports Tech image

Straightforward guide to low-latency streaming

Kyle Goodwin of Vecima Networks explores, in layman’s terms, how the industry is preparing to tackle low-latency streaming

The Mandalorian 3

Cable is key to streaming growth

Rising consumer demand for improved connectivity is driving investment, says Kate Bulkley

Chernobyl 1

Less is often more with drama

Returning series have their place but let’s champion shorter tales too, says Anthony Kimble

Andrew and Maitlis

The interview is ripe for revamp

Emily Maitlis’ Newsnight inquisition was a masterclass of the genre

EVS esports arena

Explaining the appeal and continued growth of esports

Gravity Media Group sales manager Edward Dowdall, explains the growing appeal of esports


A new era for natural history

Growing interest from the US will shape the genre for years to come, says Stephen McQuillan

_MG_0875 Lenny Henry - Tom Watson

Time to end TV’s #DiversityFails

Diverse make-up of those at the top is the only way to effect real change, says Marcus Ryder

Only Fools and Horses

BritBox deserves more respect

Service will ensure PSBs aren’t left out of the streaming revolution


Capturing Berlin’s freedom, thirty years on

History was unfolding around us as the wall came down – but we’d lost a former PM in the gents, recalls former Newsnight producer Steve Anderson

Wallace_and Gromit_225481

Bucking the consolidation trend

Indie employees taking ownership can improve culture and productivity, says Rhodri Evans


SVoDs put faith in franchises

Big brands are essential in helping new players build a subscription base, says Kate Bulkley

Celeb Hunted 3 Fugitive Unit CH 058

Quality is king in youth battle

PSBs must balance reinvention with programming principles


Viewers expect access anywhere

Tech offers a solution for when EU portablity rules no longer apply, says Charlie Johnson


Why Samira Ahmed deserves compensation

The Newswatch host’s case is not just about gender equality. It questions what value the BBC places on journalism, says her predecessor Raymond Snoddy


Indies remain the lifeblood of TV

Despite intense competition, the industry has much to celebrate

Broadcast overstretched

How to survive as an indie

Running your own firm is like a rollercoaster – only more terrifying, says Steven D Wright

This Is Us

The VoD battle lines are drawn

Traditional TV execs know that linear is dying, but can SVoD save them? asks Kate Bulkley


Why investors still back Netflix

It’s right to question the SVoD’s debt burden, but its model is sound, says Linda Sullivan


Banijay finally gets its target

Mega-producer will have epic scale but must focus on creativity

O2 4

Collaboration and innovation are key as ad revenues fall

Broadcasters and advertisers can turn a vicious circle into a virtuous one, says Richard Lawson


Diversity should be baked into the DNA of our shows

Sky 1 comedy In The Long Run shows what can be done if we try, says TriForce Creative Network’s Jimmy Akingbola


New home, new opportunities

Change could prove to be a boon for both C4 and BBC Studios

Broadcast depressed alcoholic TV drama

TV needs to offer more variety

Our constant diet of quality drama is becoming a little hard to stomach, says Steven D Wright


A new angle on the slave trade

Getting Samuel L Jackson on board means our series will be seen, says Simcha Jacobovici


Redefining the business of TV

Germany’s ProSiebenSat.1 is taking a different route in the ad-funded world, says Kate Bulkley

ghosts ep2

BBC battles to win over production community

Indies open to iPlayer plans if BBC also embraces change, writes Chris Curtis

Hunted Series 3 Fugitive Bob Alex 3 copy 3

Shunning stereotypes is crucial

What constitutes great casting is hard to define but easy to overlook, says Tim Whitwell


Listen to the experts in sound

Think you already know what great audio content can do for TV? Wrong, says Tim Hammond

Naga Munchetty

BBC must learn from Naga row

Hall’s intervention necessary as BBC ruling lacked common sense


The BBC has lost its way on diversity and inclusion

Upholding complaints about Naga Munchetty’s comments sends a worrying message to staff and viewers, says Marcus Ryder


Rising to the challenge

“The Broadcast Distributors Survey 2019 throws up several examples of how the UK market is adapting to global deal-making”

Downton Abbey the movie

Streaming is TV’s next gold rush

Producers and hit franchises are set to benefit from the coming SVoD battle, says Kate Bulkley

Reed Hastings, CEO Netflix, Kirsty Wark, Journalist, Broadcaster and Writer (3)

Netflix launches charm offensive

The digital giant knows it needs friends in the coming SVoD war


Is British TV in a mid-life crisis?

Uncomfortable questions are being asked about the future of public service broadcasting. They deserve a proper hearing, says Jonathan Thompson

Make The World Greta Again (Fridays for Future)

Don’t ‘dumb down’ TV for Gen Z

Broadcasters can grab youngsters’ attention with subjects they care about, says Emma Yuille


Let’s all talk about depression

Industry can make a difference by supporting #HowYouDoing campaign, says James Carroll


Bingeing or savouring – what’s best?

More release models are emerging as platforms start to experiment

AdamPearson_18787 signed off

Disabled talent need a break

It’s time for the industry to stop making excuses and give people a chance, says Andrew Roach

Sean's Scotland2

Focus on local can pull in viewers

By playing to its strengths, STV is winning over audiences and advertisers, says Kate Bulkley


TV brings comfort amid chaos

Return of big entertainment shows provide respite from Brexit crisis

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 10.15.13

5G technology: A revolution is on the way

The arrival of 5G has the potential to completely change the way sporting events are produced and watched, says Matt Stagg

Old People's Home for 4 Year Olds b S2 UK_Red Arrow Studios International

TV has the power to change perceptions for the better

Both scripted and non-scripted can play a part in highlighting social issues, says Alex Fraser

Celebration, Browning, Grabban

Linear TV is still the best bet for UK production companies

Rise of the SVoDs doesn’t necessarily equate to more orders for indies, says Danny Fenton

Broadcast, Our Controller...

We bow to the gods of power

Controllers and politicians are cut from the same dictatorial cloth, says Steven D Wright

Jade Goody

A reminder of the power of docs

Back-to-basics series like Jade and Thatcher demonstrate real class


Top tips for HDR grading

Core Post managing director Matt Brown reveals what the team learned grading Sky 1’s Brassic – its first HDR production


Why it’s good to talk – and listen

Edinburgh offered reminder of the value of face-to-face discussion


How we made our RAF series fly

We had to negotiate access at every level, from the pilots to the top brass, says Willard Foxton

Blindboy Undestroys The World 2

Funny factual can educate by stealth

Humour can be the most potent weapon in confronting unpalatable truths, says Emily Hudd


Industry’s old rules fading fast

Bravely embracing new creative freedom is the only way to thrive


Don’t mess with a winning recipe

Warmth and putting food front and centre is key to MasterChef ’s longevity, says David Ambler

Kathy Burke All Women Episode 1 Beauty and Image Megan and Kathy

Where are all the female crew?

We need to create a more flexible environment where woman can thrive, says Colleen Flynn


ViacomCBS needs to be smart

Scale is important but the right content is essential to compete with SVoDs, says Kate Bulkley


ViacomCBS is a long-play game

Broadcast Intelligence: the merger of Viacom and CBS is not about short-term benefits


AVoD is an important part of the on-demand revolution

Potential access to younger audiences is a key attraction to advertisers, says Kate Bulkley

Broadcast celeb call centre

Edinburgh is no laughing matter

Putting on a festival session was much more stressful than I expected, says Steven D Wright


Edinburgh has the ability to make even Brexit fun

Festival is packed with entertaining sessions, but still tackles big issues, says Lisa Campbell

Our Planet

Natural history is booming

Opportunity is there for producers to tap into growing demand


TV’s duty of care is here to stay

Industry must take ongoing action to safeguard all those involved, says Katerina Capras

Boris Johnson

Politicians are ducking TV too often

Industry must unite to battle for access to those running the UK, says Alexander Gardiner

love island 2019 winners

Test is still to come for duty of care

What constitutes ‘unjustified’ distress could be a contentious issue

tuca & bertie

Why Netflix has no room for critics’ darlings

Tuca & Bertie’s swift cancellation symbolises the streamer’s increasingly cynical content strategy, says Jack Genovese


Voice assistants are taking over

Devices will be key to how shows are discovered – and they need content, says Kate Bulkley

Catherine the Great index

Brexit impact could be minimal

British firms will not necessarily lose funding and access on departure, says Ingrid Silver


Don’t dismiss the feel-good factor

Entertainment shows are a key weapon in broadcasters’ ratings armoury, says Neale Simpson


BritBox will need time to settle

Service has potential if it shrugs off what could be a tricky launch

Broadcast trouble with television

TV isn’t what it used to be

I yearn for the days of big stars, big audiences and only three channels, says Steven D Wright


Duty of care needs expert input

Using registered psychologists is key to protecting contributors’ wellbeing, says Tanya Byron

Cricket World Cup Final

Sky plays a blinder with cricket

FTA showcase will serve it well – but don’t expect too many repeats


Alex Graham: protect the sanctity of producer IP

Terms of trade will remain important in the future


Charlotte Moore: making the BBC fit for the future

Three key principles will guide us as we face the challenges ahead


Jane Millichip: there’s no ‘norm’ in drama funding

Producers need to be agile as models evolve and new players emerge

John de Mol (c) William Rutten

John de Mol: fear is undermining hunt for hits

The next generation of breakout formats will only emerge from risk-taking, says John de Mol


The demise of the big beasts

Conor Dignam reflects on how the PSBs have ceded power and big personalities eased out


Andy Harries: how SVoDs changed everything

Streamers transformed the sector, but PSBs can still punch above their weight

David Lammy Voi cemetery

David Olusoga: other industries put TV to shame

Diversity has suffered for years as sector has rested on its liberal laurels, says David Olusoga

Chris curtis

Gazing into the past and future

Genuinely distinctive content is best response to a host of challenges


TV’s duty of care is far-reaching

Industry must better understand its responsibility and embrace change, says Denise Freeman


Digital crazes can teach us a lot about younger viewers

Online stars show us what sort of content and personalities kids want, says Stuart Dredge


TV ad model is being disrupted

Brands are blurring content and advertising lines to reach their audience, says Kate Bulkley

Ackley Bridge EP1 9

Time to shine the spotlight on teens

Our new British Academy Children’s Awards category recognises investment in teen programming, writes Helen Blakeman

Hey duggee pic

YACF is an opportunity to secure the future of kids’ TV

Everyone in TV can play a role in making this pilot scheme a success, says Jackie Edwards

Love Island winners Jack and Dani

A celebration of exceptional content and broadcasters

‘We wanted to place greater emphasis on amazing programming and outstanding channels beyond those linked to the PSBs’

killing eve

BBC grapples with digital future

BBC3 and iPlayer need more cash to help hang on to young viewers


Success of Sounds depends on IP

The BBC’s new audio service must set standard terms or risk missing out, says Steve Ackerman

Ackley Bridge EP1 7-2

Some of the best stories are local

Global co-pros can be brilliant but there’s much to explore at home too, says George Ormond


Do your bit to change the industry

Small actions can add up to something genuinely transformative

Ackley Bridge Ep2M

C4 youth strategy is working

Focus on online and on-demand will help keep the broadcaster relevant, says Kate Bulkley


Branding needs to be more flexible as viewing changes

New platforms like Instagram and Snapchat require a different approach, says Rob Coke

thewindow-18 (dragged)

Japanese broadcasters are open for British business

Opportunities abound for those who are prepared to adapt, says Katherine Parsons


Make duty of care a common goal

Sharing best practices can diffuse pressure and repair reputations

Broadcast Don't know how to watch TV

TV is going out with a whimper

Even the SVoD services’ output has begun to feel tired and repetitive, says Steven D Wright

101 Sgt. David White (Ret) Closeup (2)

Investment is the way to grow

An injection of cash can help you take your business to the next level, says Arrow’s Tom Brisley

licence fee

BBC burned by over-75s debacle

Corporation must stand its ground and fight back in PR battle


Endeavor takes on the SVoDs

Talent agency-turned-content company makes a compelling business case, says Kate Bulkley

Our Dementia Choir With Vicky McClure

A healthier way to tackle illness

Broadcasters are seeing the benefits of taking a more creative approach, says Jenni Regan


Critical acclaim only half the battle

Do Sky’s quality, esoteric titles have more mainstream potential?


Radio is full of rising stars

Our new generation of young broadcasters show the future of radio is rosy, says Siobhan Kenny


Authentic young women’s voices need to be heard

BBC3’s Galdem Sugar explores youth culture through a female lens, says Ayesha Carrick


BSL programming needs to break rules and experiment

Progress has been made but a deaf newsreader remains a long way off, says Cathy Heffernan

Africa With Ade Adepitan

A new way to measure progress

Diversity is a complex issue and the way we talk about it needs to change, says Marcus Ryder


TV can change people’s minds

Seeing more people with disabilities on screen is key to transforming attitudes, says Lee Ridley

Lenny Henry index

Fight for representation goes on

The industry needs real solutions to improve diversity, not just words


Living through the Blitz

Dr Emilia Chodorowska explains how telling personal stories was integral to Windfall Films’ doc series


Drama's co-pro conundrum

Will industry partners really turn off the funding tap or is the market in rude health, asks Max Goldbart


Channel brands are losing power

As ecosystem changes, content creators need to rethink how they value IP, says Kate Bulkley

Jeremy Kyle

TV must be beyond reproach

Industry has to work tirelessly on its duty of care responsibilities


Sky’s post-Thrones plan

The next steps for Sky Atlantic are vital now Game of Thrones’ watch has ended, says Stephen Arnell

Broadcast Doc Martin

ITV theme park is a thrilling idea

Creating rides based on classic shows is a great way to extend the brand, says Steven D Wright


Young editors need more support

This key role needs to be seen as a positive and creative career choice, says Andrew Sheldon

Good Omens 2

Tax relief is doubled-edge sword

Producers need a helping hand, but additional subsidies pose risks


Take a leaf out of gaming’s book

Gamification of IP offers a lucrative new revenue stream for broadcasters, says Kate Bulkley


Nations and regions indies have bigger stories to tell

N&R commissioning is improving at last - but beware unconscious bias, says Claire Mundell

18019965-high_res-line-of-duty-series-5 (1)

Going beyond smart speakers

Amazon and Google devices offer a platform for experimentation


Brilliant contributors are online waiting to be found

We assembled the perfect cast for our show by scouring the internet, says Elspeth O’Hare

Nurses Who Kill - shot in Stratford Upon Avon

Midlands needs a shot in the arm

A guaranteed 100 commissioned hours a year would transform the region, says Will Hanrahan


Rights revolution needs new rules

Industry needs to build consensus on how shows are exploited

The Bletchley Circle San Francisco

Cancellation is painful - but it doesn’t have to be the end

Like The Bletchley Circle, a good idea can find a new life elsewhere, says Jake Lushington

Ed Tischler

Why NAB 2019 revealed a growing confidence in IP technology

Gearhouse Broadcast’s Ed Tischler on why he believes NAB 2019 signalled a tipping point in the move to IP

The Simpsons

‘Big local’ is key to SVoD wars

With giants like Disney entering the fray, niche players need a global mindset, says Kate Bulkley

JamieJohnson_S04_E013_EpStill_ CBIK987X_01_ FairPlay.10

A little reality is good for drama

Our fictional team wanted to play in a real tournament, so we put it in the show, says Sam Talbot


We all gain from transparency

Netflix is sharing data, Broadcast is tweaking comments policy


The PSBs have a secret weapon

Live entertainment is where broadcasters have an advantage over FAANGs, says Alan Tyler

Broadcast Game of Thrones

Winter’s coming for dull drama

GOT has much to teach us – but only if broadcasters are ready to listen, says Steven D Wright


Linear schedule is far from dead

Audience buzz generated by a weekly fix is still a powerful tool


Disney+ focus will challenge Netflix breadth

Represents the first credible threat to its rivals’ position at the top of the SVoD tree, says Broadcast Intelligence’s analyst team


Sharing the spoils of success

A new EU directive will benefit those who contribute to an unexpected hit, says Clare Zucker


Familiar challenges surface at Mip

SVoD battles and Sky Vision merger are the talk of the Croisette

100 vaginas channel 4

Factual series come back to the fore

“International TV distribution is in an interesting place right now”


How to be pitch perfect in Cannes

Landing a commission is never easy – but it’s easy to put off potential buyers, says Craig Colby


Are PSBs up for the SVoD fight?

As more streaming services launch, broadcasters are learning to push back, says Kate Bulkley

Scenes Britains War of Thrones The Hundred Years War

French indies are at a crossroads

Legislation revamp must allow producers to retain programme rights, says Samuel Kissous

The Morning Show

Navigating a new world order

Embracing the streamers is vital – but not the only approach

derek moore2

4 truths about post-production

Coffee & TV’s co-founder and CEO Derek Moore lays out four facts he’s learned about post-production over the last seven years


Production in Ireland is set to boom

The UK’s impending exit from Europe will shine a light on the country’s burgeoning production sector, says Larry Bass

2018 Creative Cities Convention, credit Mark Wheelwright

‘Nations and regions’ does not tell the whole story

We need a better phrase to describe the diverse TV landscape outside the M25, says Ruth Pitt

Happy Valley

Authenticity key to N&R success

Indigenous indies must prove they have best handle on local voices


Viewers want to see themselves

Every community in the country deserves to be represented on the BBC, says Ken MacQuarrie


We must continue to give local stories our full support

RTS plays a vital role in championing creative ideas throughout the UK, says Theresa Wise

Apple Tim Cook

Apple rewards its 'super-users'

Broadcast Intelligence unpacks the likely shape of the tech giant’s TV service


Put climate at the heart of TV

Environmental message must reach viewers in an entertaining way, says Aaron Matthews


Stability amid uncertainty

‘While Britain’s future remains uncertain, the indie sector was strong in 2018’


Flattening Britbox

Is the BBC hellbent on destroying Britbox before it has even launched, asks Alex Farber


Why I revisited the Ripper case

Re-examining the investigation reveals much about attitudes of the time, says Liza Williams


Indie sector is buoyant but brutal

Broadcast survey reveals fresh opportunities and fierce competition

60 days on The Streets 0108 copy

How 60 Days On The Streets gives rough sleepers a voice

Our hard-hitting series puts to bed the myths surrounding homelessness, says Jamie Seal

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 15.06.43

Teaming up to beat the SVoDs

VoD and joint ad platforms can help broadcasters carve out a healthy future, says Kate Bulkley


A new balancing act emerges

Escalating tariffs and declining budgets bring a new set of pressures

TCB's Jasmin gets NFTS diploma

Why distributors need training too

Programme sellers need training courses just as much as producers, says Paul Heaney


Take a chance on new writers

Fresh voices and perspectives are needed to avoid TV stagnation, says Camilla Whitehill


Don’t hoard your audience data

If PSBs unlock their viewer intel, there’s no limit to the creative rewards, says Faraz Osman

16503534-high_res-luther (1)

Britbox: hard work starts here

Platform is the right step for the PSBs, but the challenges are huge

leaving neverland 3

Feature docs take centre stage

Primetime scheduling positions for C4’s Three Identical Strangers and Leaving Neverland could point to a new era

Dark Heart

The long and winding road to Britbox

The planned BBC-ITV streamer is long overdue, but it will need commissions of scale, says Stephen Arnell


Our faith in Malaysia paid off

Filming Strike Back in an emerging market was challenging but worth it, says Kenton Oxley

sponsorship - FC Barcelona

The rise of the athlete in the landscape of sports sponsorships

James Tobias on the changing relationship between sports stars and sponsorships


Staying ahead of the game

Broadcasters have to think outside the linear box to keep pace with rivals, says Kate Bulkley


Lambert order book is revealing

PSBs still first choice despite FAANGs becoming top customers


Breaking down the barrier to live broadcast

Alex Bassett on the democratisation of live production through automated and virtualised products and services

fleabag screenshot-1015

BBC1 is boldly redefining mainstream comedy

Alan Partridge’s high-profile return is a victory for both performer and character, while Fleabag’s new slot points to an exciting future


Let online creators be creative

Putting YouTube stars into linear TV formats isn’t playing to their strengths, says Ian Lamarra


Momentum builds across N&R

Growing opportunities spark investment in north of England


The drive for authenticity

The row over CBBC’s Living with the Lams ignores the efforts made to find new East Asian voices, says series producer Raymond Lau

The Abused Kelly 2

TV has a duty to lead debate

It’s important to clear space in the schedule to address the issues of the day, says Guy Davies


One size doesn’t always fit all

Adapting to each market has made All Together Now an international success, says James Fox

Eating with My Ex

BBC3 finally gets a linear-leg-up

Dedicated BBC1 block will help in the upcoming fact-ent fight


The schedule is alive and kicking

The rise of on-demand isn’t killing off live TV, its role is simply changing, says Lindsey Clay


Fight for rights is hotting up

Original programming is key to BBCS’ feud with Discovery over UKTV, says Kate Bulkley

Very english scandal

Celebrating the best of British

Broadcast Awards showed innovation and creativity in abundance

Derry Girls Ep 2 5007

British television at its best

“A raft of high-quality shows demonstrate the innovation, creativity and fantastic storytelling that British TV is so well known for”

Liam Neeson

Why I would still work with Liam Neeson

Showing compassion is key to building future for TV, film and society, argues Josh Wilson


Closer ties benefit TV and film

TV gets a quality boost while film companies gain from financial stability, says Phil Rymer

AD logo wider

Where is TV audio description heading in 2019?

AbilityNet’s Claudia Cahalane on the challenges of ensuring as much content as possible is audio described


Natpe’s little secret

Miami conference’s multiple personalities make it the most diverse in international television, says Danny Fenton


Streaming is going mobile as consumers embrace change

More services are launching apps as spend and viewing rises, says Paul Barnes

Sheriff Jones with US flag in shot photoshopped

Making a connection is key with tricky contributors

Always stick to what you promise and never lose your moral centre, says Kira Phillips


Sizing up the SVoD challenge

Understanding new rivals will help broadcasters win the battle

Curve Media

Actions not words at core of successful workplaces

“The time for lip service is well and truly over”


The rise of machine learning in TV and film production

Jade McQueen from content management platform Box lays out a series of practical benefits to media companies of utilising AI/ML

amazing interiors

Factual content has a new home

A boom in online advertising will help producers thrive in the digital world, says Sam Barcroft

Broadcast The Favourite

Everything changes except TV

Scheduling may be dying – but Gemma Collins will always be with us, says Steven D Wright

The Circle

Non-scripted shows resilience

The genre is fighting hard to remain relevant in the digital age

The Undateables S10 Ep3 Ray 0222 copy

Unscripted has a bright future

But the genre needs to embrace technology and show shade as well as light, says Will Hanrahan


Netflix faces bumpy road ahead

As rivals raise their game, the SVoD player needs to look beyond content, says Kate Bulkley

Chris curtis

Work culture starts at the top

Business leaders have a duty to ensure their staff are treated well


Bandersnatch: an experiment in storytelling

Black Mirror special is fun - but it’s not the future of entertainment, writes Jesse Whittock

_T7A5840EmmaTony - Edited

Our year on the UK murder trail

Rejecting the blue-light approach, we wanted to focus on the human cost, says Ben Anthony


Stop paying lip service to access

Society has closed the door on the next generation. It’s up to us to open it, says Foz Allan


Dramas aren’t only must-see TV

There’s plenty of great unscripted to look forward to this year too

Doctor Who Demons of the Punjab

Learning to love criticism

Doctor Who and Murdered By My Father writer Vinay Patel reflects on his coping strategies

Chris Wood

8 trends impacting broadcast in 2019

Chris Wood, CTO of media technology consultancy Spicy Mango lays out the commercial and technical trends he believes could matter the most in 2019.

Porters 2

New writers keep drama fresh

The next generation of great talent is out there waiting to be heard, says Laurence Bowen

Andrew and Doreen 24 Hours

Innovation is key to longevity

As 24 Hours In A&E approaches its 200th episode, Spencer Kelly reflects on how it has evolved


Fingers crossed for upbeat 2019

Industry faces uncertain time, but creativity provides some cheer

May and Corbyn

The debate that never was

Former Number Ten PR guru Giles Kenningham unpicks the debacle of May and Corbyn’s scrapped head-to-head


Artificial Intelligence is not a production panacea

Grabyo CEO Gareth Capon lays out the pros and cons of an AI-enabled future

mark and miles (c) Alex Lee Johnson

How we bluffed our way into TV

Despite the success of our C4 sitcom, we still feel like outsiders, says Bingo’s Mark O’Sullivan


It’s great to have new IP but the catalogue is still king

Popular older formats give us space to let fresh ideas develop and bloom, says Lucas Green


Brexit shouldn’t be a barrier to European co-production

It has worked for high-end drama so why not live-action kids’ shows? asks David Michel


‘Netflix killer’ is pie in the sky

There is a joint SVoD opportunity but it will require a fresh approach

Credit Grenfell Our Home by Chanel 4, Parable and 59 Productions

The changing face of VR

It is essentially weird and the normal rules of TV don’t apply - but a picture of its future role is now emerging, says Catherine Allen


TV is facing a voice revolution

Broadcasters must up their game as Alexa and co start to kill off the remote, says Kate Bulkley

Work comment

Prioritise the workforce to thrive

The old hierarchical structures are outdated and need to change, says Stefan Wojciechowski

Still Game

Long live unfashionable shows

Mainstream TV is the backbone of the industry and deserves respect

Love Island winners Jack and Dani

Celebrating the old and the new

Enduring titles earn their place on Broadcast Awards shortlist

The Last Leg 944

Time to put words into action

Together we can double the percentage of disabled people in TV by 2020, says Deborah Williams


Disability representation has improved but it’s not enough

The 50th-anniversary Special Olympics was a missed opportunity, says Michael McEwan

The Great British Bake Off

Diversity tax relief can help to deliver lasting change

Audiences want to see their world accurately presented on TV, says Lucy Pilkington

Sports tech

How VR and AR will revolutionise sports viewing

Accedo’s regional director - Australia & New Zealand Chris McNair believes the future of sports viewing lies with VR/AR

Jannine Waddell

Northern Ireland's Screen Queens say time is up

More pressure is needed in Northern Ireland to keep the #TimesUp moment going, says Jannine Waddell

C4 relocation

Regions now truly in the game

C4’s move to Leeds is a significant step in creating a more level playing field, says Ruth Pitt

Hope Works

Broadcasters of the world unite

Global support for the Hope Works project has made our vision a reality, says Alison Stewart

Anne mensah, sky official

Netflix stages a very British coup

Appointment of Anne Mensah builds on important London hub


Measuring up to new TV habits

Combining third-party ratings and broadcaster data offers a truer picture, says Andy McDonald


Getting into bed with advertisers

Broadcasters are wising up to the potential of airtime-for-equity deals, says Kate Bulkley

Leeds sign

C4 staff face reality of move

Relocation creates real buzz – but also uncertainty for chunk of staff


Why the cloud is crucial in the age of AI

Yeming Wang of Alibaba Cloud explains how cloud-based content should benefit the most from artificial intelligence


​Media should guard against being caught out by NDAs

Due diligence is essential to ensure projects don’t fail at the last minute, says Rory Lynch

Sarah Beeny's Renovate Don't Relocate

Fear of failure is not an option

Singles and short-run series won’t bring long-term rewards, says Outline’s Laura Mansfield

The A List

16-34s need dedication from the BBC

Shows specifically for young adults needed to build real rapport

Philip Hammond budget

What the Budget means for you

From PSCs to National Insurance and VAT, Bectu’s Tony Lennon sifts through the key points of Philip Hammond’s Budget

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 11.45.20

We must get to grips with what no-deal Brexit means

It’s vital to plan ahead to avoid having to make rushed and poor choices, says Ed Hall

Richard Halliwell

Look to the middle for real innovation

The mid-sized distributors are proving innovation beats scale, says Richard Halliwell


How Butterfly gave trans children a voice

Key figures behind ITV drama reveal how the series ‘normalised’ the issue for a terrestrial audience


Why Manchester is the only choice for C4

Cat Lewis and Alex Connock say Channel 4 must choose Manchester for its national HQ

Andrew Sheldon - Creative Director and Founder

Why Leeds should be C4's NHQ

Opening national base in Leeds chimes with C4’s ‘born risky’ nature, says Andrew Sheldon

Doctor Who

Fans come first for broadcasters

User data is key to keeping hold of audiences and maximising revenues, says Kate Bulkley

Broadcast on screen sex

Sex on TV is a bit of a turn-off

When characters finally do the deed, it can be the death knell for a show, says Steven D Wright

Top Gear instagram

New road ahead for Top Gear

BBC2 show has a clean slate and could learn a lot from Bake Off

13848466 high res w1a

How the BBC brand stays relevant

Digital challenges ahead but the BBC remains influential, writes Wez Eathorne

Hitlers Circle Of Evil

It’s the medium not the message

Younger viewers will watch older-skewing content if it is presented correctly, says Alan Griffiths

Invictus Games

Learning the lingo on my return to Oz

Invictus Games executive producer Michael Cole on preparing the live launch


Social listening helps to keep shows fresh and engaging

Harnessing real-time audience feedback can make for better programming, says Jo Booth

Player Picture -Alex

Authenticity is essential to communicating online

Be open and honest to truly connect with your target audience, says Talie Delemere


SVoD plan marks new era at ITV

Service presents challenges but offers a welcome revenue stream


No excuses in drive for sustainability

The industry must have zero tolerance for non-sustainable production, writes Andie Clare

Royal wedding

An indie approach to a royal wedding

Nick Bullen explains how Spun Gold took on producing Princess Eugenie’s big day in eight weeks

Moscow Noir

Drama boom spreads east

You’d be forgiven for feeling like you blink once and you’re back on a plane heading to another Mipcom

Black Panther

Our duty to champion diversity

Content industry has its part to play in bringing about real change, says David Cornwall

Alone At Home_Key Art_Widescreen_nologo

You need more than a good idea

Production expertise is a critical factor in protecting new formats, says Sarah Edwards

Dance Moms - A+E Networks

Learn the jargon for US success

Knowing how American audiences are defined is key to tapping the market, writes Hannah Bowler


A tale of two pre-Mipcom deals

Netflix’s swoops for Bodyguard and The Circle are a sign of the times

Sharp 8K TV,jpg

Is it too soon to be talking about 8K?

Chris Evans, broadcast expert at research and consulting specialist Futuresource argues the case for 8K

Female producers

Game on for women’s sport

The audience is there and the potential for growth and investment is huge, says Sarah Greene


Why Sky is worth £30bn to Comcast

Acquisition gives US cable giant more ammunition in battle with tech players, says Kate Bulkley


There’s logic in local approach

Amazon is tapping into the demand for more distinctive content


Broadcast TECH - September 2018

Sports broadcasters around the world are embracing 4K, but there are better ways to improve the viewer experience, says Shane Warden


British TV should not become a footnote to the FAANGs' ambition

PSBs can thrive alongside the tech giants as long as they collaborate while continuing to do what they do best


Tech can help distributors thrive

The UK’s £1.7bn industry is in rude health, but it could be even bigger, says Matthew Frank

Broadcast The Circle

Faking it is a noble TV tradition

Like contestants on The Circle, we all put on a front to seem more likeable, says Steven D Wright


Some stories never grow old

Events like the 1969 Manson murders will always fascinate audiences, says Richard Dale


Why Comcast is the right owner for Sky

Synergies across the companies point to a bright future


Size matters in fight with FAANGs

Sky deal increases Comcast’s buying power and production expertise


Paving the way for seamless streaming

How highly connected data centres can help enable glitch free content streaming

Adil Ray

Why C4 should back Birmingham

The city is the natural home for a relocated Channel 4, argues Adil Ray

Wirewax rollover integration

Shoppable content is the future

Rollover ads are a potentially lucrative new revenue stream for producers, says Alex Connock


Winning over a new generation

Competing with the tech giants means being creative with deals and IP, says Kate Bulkley

Rich house poor house

Shaking up the established order

Ben Frow throws the dice as huge task of replacing Big Brother begins

super salon 2

How to launch an indie in 10 days

Launching a start-up is the scariest thing you’ll ever do. I’d recommend it to anyone, says Jon Lloyd

Brexit union jack AdobeStock_114667197

Plan now for life after Brexit

If you employ EU nationals, here’s what you need to know, writes Nick Hobson

Michaela Coel MacTaggart

Wake up and let the misfits in

Artistic colonialism should have no place in today’s industry, argues Fraser Ayres

House of Cards UK

BBC flexes its iPlayer muscles

Packing service with classic content points to important new phase

C4 Building

How to make it in TV? Be posh

Fitting in to a middle-class ideal is key to getting on in this industry, says Sam Friedman

Celebrity MasterChef

Why are the FAANGs not biting?

Endemol Shine has attracted a wide range of bidders – but no big tech firms, says Kate Bulkley

Arctic Circle index

Finland’s voice is growing louder

With high production values and bigger budgets, international interest is soaring


Smart scheduling boosts Bodyguard

Double-ep debuts and stripped shows help linear TV hold firm


Radio must call time on boys' club

Commercial stations are splashing the cash on big signings - but where are the diverse names, asks Edward Adoo

Broadcast Edinburgh ent producers 2

Let’s bring back entertainment

The king of TV genres has lost its crown but may have a new champion, says Steven D Wright

Coel MacTaggart

Why did the BBC ignore Michaela Coel's MacTaggart?

Lack of coverage of MacTaggart speech at odds with previous years - and rivals’ efforts, says Simon Albury


How to use social video to attract younger viewers

You need to know your audience and have a clearly defined strategy, says Denis Crushell

Harry & meghan

TV industry should plays to its strengths

The changing landscape should be viewed as an opportunity

Michaela Coel MacTaggart

MacTaggart was a kick in guts

Pressure of not fitting in can be hard to stomach for outsiders

Jeffrey Katzenberg_41974_document

The magic formula for short-form

NewTV’s ‘freemium’ model could be the key to mobile video success, says Kate Bulkley

Bullion groupshot

Indies can thrive in online world

Professionalism and creativity will help to overcome challenges ahead, says Victoria Powell

Chris curtis

TV needs to be bold to keep up

Deals, partnerships and new models on the cards across industry

Elaina Boateng

Celebrating female talent

“Each of our Hot Shots has the potential to shake up the television industry in the years to come”

Cliff Richard

Cliff Richard ruling is no blow to press freedom

‘Public interest’ is a powerful and precious defence for journalists. This case shows that the BBC is in danger of devaluing it, says Martin Campbell


Regional renaissance rolls on

“The opportunity to become the home of C4 is symbolically, creatively and commercially worth its weight in gold”


UKTV can be key to PSB alliance

Ownership and future strategy is just as important as Virgin Media spat, says Kate Bulkley

Adam Buxton

Harness the power of podcasts

TV can learn from audio format’s authentic audience relationships

AI image 1

Using AI to fight fake news

VeriFlix’s Donald Staar lays out his view of how Artificial Intelligence can be used to combat fake news

Phil edgar jones 241014 0059

Future-gazing at Edinburgh

Festival chair Phil Edgar-Jones looks ahead to this year’s event


Disrupted future is bright for producers who adapt

Digital services will shape TV and producers must embrace the change, says Sam Barcroft

Broadcast  Googled television

Stop pandering to today’s yoof

If you stick to making good shows, the cool kids will come back, argues Steven D Wright


Regional indies can prosper from co-pro strategy

Broadcasters will also be able to fulfil out-of-London quotas, says Stephen Stewart

Chris curtis

PSBs realise strength in depth

Joining forces is the only effective way to deal with digital rivals

Arrested Development

Flicker of vulnerability in Netflix

As the king of the streamers wobbles, will its competitors zoom in? asks Kate Bulkley

Abandoned Engineering2

Benefits of the DIY approach

A new business model is helping producers retain IP and dominate ratings, says Henry Scott

Horseferry Road C4 2

C4 could be regional trailblazer

Creative hubs and national HQ have different roles to play


Revolving door at DCMS does industry no favours

The latest DCMS recruit is the seventh to head up the department since 2012

Gfinity Elite Series S3 W8 Finals - 2098 - Joe Brady Photography

Why it’s game on for eSports

Just like mainstream sports, significant returns are up for grabs, says Jonathan Broughton


The future is bright for formats

Queer Eye and our new Netflix gameshow prove the genre is alive and kicking, says Tom Popay

No more boys and girls

Youth puzzle needs broad remedy

Mainstream channels must be part of response to 16-34 conundrum


Boom in audio on-demand offers opportunities for all

Like Serial and My Dad Wrote A Porno, the next big hit will start here, says Adam Uytman

Big Bang Theory EP 24 1

They thought it was all over…

C4’s experiments with ‘contextual’ advertising put TV back in the game, says Kate Bulkley

Michael Palin in North Korea image

Taking celebrity travelogue into uncharted territory

Our Russia and North Korea films mark a big step forward for ITNP, says Will Smith

Spy school 2

BFI fund puts kids’ TV at crossroads

Proposals must have buy-in from all PSBs for a chance of success


Time to put kids directors in the spotlight

Bafta’s new category is long overdue, say Darcia Martin and Delyth Thomas

Bitz and Bob

Kids’ genre is turning a corner

Contestable Fund and government support are reasons to be cheerful, says Anna Home

Love island sr3 tx01 27 2

Digital content in rude health

Has there ever been such breadth of award-winning content?

Broadcast Westworld

Drama heads have lost the plot

TV schedules are stuffed with glossy shows with nonsensical stories, says Steven D Wright

Arqiva Chalfont playout

Reshaping broadcast services for the modern age

How an established broadcast communications infrastructure provider is re-designing its services for the digital age

The Swingers 2--(None)

Partnerships key in digital world

Scale and depth of catalogue is what matters for online viewers


How to write a one-page drama pitch

Award-winning writer Dominic Carver offers his top tips for catching a commissioner’s eye

Carolyn Everson

Maths Men are the new Mad Men in a data-driven world

Cannes Lions shows where the power lies in the advertising industry, says Kate Bulkley


Drama strategy needs a rethink

As production costs rise, free-to-air broadcasters will struggle to compete, says Simon Cornwell

Alex Scott and Eli Aluko

New talent hits back of the net

Scott and Aluko show that it is worth taking a risk on fresh faces

Stephen lambert 14crop hr

Studio Lambert: 10 years in the making

As Studio Lambert reaches its 10th anniversary, founder Stephen Lambert considers some of the indie’s most pivotal shows

Jonathan broughton

Analysis: Different paths to growth

In the first of a regular series, Jonathan Broughton surveys broadcasters’ investment strategies

Ackley Bridge

Diversity needs to go hand in hand with representation

Storytellers from different backgrounds are key to creating authenticity, says Alex Lamb


Female directors have it tougher than they used to

Trend for freelancing makes having a family much more difficult, says Katie Buchanan

Anita Rani index

Diversity key to representation

Widening the workforce will lead to more nuanced programming


Power swings to rights holders

Discovery’s PGA Tour deal highlights rise of direct-to-consumer offerings, says Kate Bulkley


EU directive will protect UK producers post Brexit

British firms have nothing to fear from the proposed content quotas, says Ingrid Silver


Improving sustainability in TV must be a team effort

How we behave both on and off screen can make a real difference, says Philip Holdgate

Love Island index

Don’t feed the digital beast

PSBs should be sweating their assets, not handing them to rivals

Our New President

Online docs have come of age with the rise of new platforms

The range of outlets with money to spend at Doc/Fest is telling, says Derren Lawford


Doc/Fest is playing its part in introducing new voices

We’re passionate about creating pathways for a new wave of storytellers, says Liz McIntyre


How AI is overhauling access to creative content

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to revolutionise the organisation of your archives


Voiceover should not be the default option for docs

A useful technique in directors’ bag of tools has been blunted by overuse, argues James Rogan

Broadcast iPhone docs

It’s hip to be a documentarian

Forget drama and entertainment, being a ‘film-maker’ is where it’s at, says Steven D Wright

Chris curtis

Unity is strength for the PSBs

Broadcasters need to work together to compete with digital rivals

Richard Halton

Time to follow Europe’s lead

Public broadcaster must collaborate to fight off digital giants, says Richard Halton


Timing is everything in TV comedy

With the global demand for IP, it feels right to work with an old friend, says Maurice Gran


Comedy should open the doors to everyone

Comedians need room to experiment and take risks to find an audience, says Jon Jayson


Microsoft HoloLens ushers in a mixed reality future

Advances in mixed reality technology is moving apace, with the HoloLens providing a glimpse of the future


AI is rewriting the TV script

Focus groups are one thing, but could a machine ever replace the writer? asks Kate Bulkley


Unpicking the Netflix quandary

SVoD giant is conundrum for producers, broadcasters and analysts


Eastern promise for Channel 4

Broadcaster cannot miss opportunity to showcase the east of England with new HQ, argues Andrew Sheldon

Biggest Weekend hero

How we're preparing to broadcast the 'biggest' music festival

The Biggest Weekend is unlike any live music event the BBC has put on before, says Alison Howe

London Pride 2017 PIC CREDIT Mark Nortcliffe Photography

Diversity makes business sense

Creating an inclusive workplace culture and training staff are key, says Alasdair Weddell

Hopster show Two Minute Tales

UK should be a media tech leader

With world-beating creative industries, all that is lacking is investment, says Nick Walters

VICELAND Jamali Maddix

Pushing risk into the mainstream

The hunt for quality returners that rate is C4’s biggest challenge


​There’s nothing risky about employing diverse talent

It’s time broadcasters took their cue from the US and put diverse shows in the heart of primetime


How to plan for an HDR production

Canon’s broadcast manager Matthew Yates discusses what to consider when producing high dynamic range content

Clara Amfo BBC Radio 1 presenter

Radio is growing the talent pool

A series of initiatives will help us improve the diversity of voices, says Siobhan Kenny

Kieron Hawkes and students on Fortitude set

Opening doors and breaking down barriers

Those who don’t have industry connections need a helping hand, says Fiona Francombe


Time to tackle fake news threat

As the forthcoming GDPR shows, digital platforms can be brought to heel, says Kate Bulkley

Ian Katz 0209

Katz eyes reset of indie relations

Collaboration is key to winning brutal battle for ideas and talent

Three girls

TV's turn to take the stage on equality

The Baftas were awash with activists and #timesup badges - now we need to turn promises into actions, says Lisa Campbell


TV will feel the biggest impact of Disney’s OTT service launch

Consumers will increasingly cut the cord with expensive pay platforms, says Phil Birchenall

Mission Employable

ITV SignPost is what a truly diverse company looks like

We are breaking down the barriers for deaf and disabled film-makers, says Gareth Deighan


No better time to quit the capital

With regional production quotas rising, there’s no better time to move, says David Sumnall

Broadcast Seaside Special

Bring back the Seaside Special

Summer telly used to be something to look forward to – not any more, says Steven D Wright

180307_Muller_TrainingDays_037 jpeg

TV risks losing young viewers

On-demand, new-form content presents big challenge to industry

Britains Biggest Warship

Why my series took a decade to get commissioned

Navy warship docs had to wait until the time was right, says Chris Terrill

The Tunnel

The future of TV viewing and measurement is already here

Barb’s tracking of on-demand and catch-up reveals some key trends, says Justin Sampson


Netflix chases the grey pound

First it came for the 18-24s, now older viewers are in the SVoD giant’s sights, says Kate Bulkley


A year in the life of a start-up

Getting our first commission over the line makes it all worthwhile, says Daniel Nettleton

Ackley bridge ep2 f

New dawn for out-of-London TV

The challenge now is to harness the energy to effect lasting change


Time's up for regional indie loophole

The industry must seize the chance to tighten up definition of out-of-London productions, says Cat Lewis


Why shouldn’t women go back to work after a baby?

Employers can develop a working culture that breaks the cycle, says Laura Cotton

Horseferry Road C4 2

Regional production is rising but quotas aren’t enough

Investment and support is needed if creative hubs are to flourish, says Victoria Powell

15155393 high res troy fall of a city

Goodnight to the overnights

AI and passion scores may be better measures in a world of catch-up, says Stephen Arnell

Sew bee

TV thrives on good relationships

Broadcast poised to launch comprehensive Commissioner Index

06 hard beauty helaine blumenfeld

Never give up control of your film – even to your mother

Always listen to your subject, but remember who calls the shots, says Remy Blumenfeld

15517487 high res eastenders april june 2018

Is it too much to ask for a proper written reference?

An informal and outdated system is harming directors’ careers, says Andrew Chowns

Tv18 0836

Media landscape is changing fast

Sir Martin Sorrell has left WPP and Facebook is under fire. What’s next? asks Kate Bulkley

Filmmaker puttnam

PSBs are more vital than ever

In an era of fake news, they’re a crucial component of a healthy democracy, says Lord Puttnam

bob iger wiki commons

TV relationships in serious flux

Changing media landscape is creating intriguing partnerships

Blind date

Rebooting isn’t the lazy option

Nostalgia can be a winning formula, but reviving a hit is far from easy, says Kieran Doherty

Broadcast miptv robots

Time to trust the gut, not data

Commissioners need to shun analytics to keep television distinctive, says Steven D Wright

Million pound menu

Turning risk pledges into reality

Frustrated producers need convincing of appetite for danger

Duncan outpost vfx

Look after your VFX artists to get the best out of them

Outpost VFX founder Duncan McWilliam explains his concept of ’Fairtrade VFX’

All together now

Entertainment is alive and kicking

Discipline, collaboration and hard work over a long gestation period are key, says Peter Salmon


Fresh formats point the way

All parties must work together for domestic and global success

The great british bake off o8 s 216

How TV can bite back at FAANG

Smarter use of viewer data and audience trust can counteract digital threat, says Kate Bulkley

Mportillo 230118 c5 00157

Why C5 put housing centre stage

From Grenfell to our partnership with Crisis, it was beholden on us to tackle the biggest issue facing modern Britain, says Guy Davies

My kitchen rules 2

Going gets tough for Aussie docs

Ambition remains intact but securing financing is increasingly hard, says Lilla Hurst

71 Degrees North

Start-ups face an uphill struggle

The odds are against new indies, but the rewards are greater than ever, says David Mortimer


Rewriting the rules of engagement

Broadcaster and indie relationships need to be more transparent

Three billboards

First step towards equality is to do one thing different

Frances McDormand’s Oscars speech should be a call to action for TV, says Ninder Billing

Ackley bridge ep1 b

Minorities keep TV relevant – so give us chance to shine

BAME stories are waiting to be told. All we ask for is opportunity and to be treated fairly

Last leg set

Refreshing the UK's TV and film studios sector

TV studios expert Piers Read argues for a new approach to creating studio facilities in the UK

Durrells index

McCall is right to focus on data

ITV chief exec’s speech provided some clues to broadcaster’s future strategy, says Kate Bulkley

Chris curtis

Time for regional indies to shine

“There is scope for regional production to become far more influential as a result of the increased appetite”

C4 horseferry

No let-up in competition

‘More buyers means more opportunities’

The get down

Predictive markets can help to avert costly failures

Early research can show whether or not a show is likely to succeed, says Neil Griffiths

Horseferry road c4 2

C4 has the opportunity to redefine itself for the future

Instead of relocating, the broadcaster could redistribute its workforce, says Jason Mitchell

Broadcast young, white etc 2

Old definitely isn’t gold in TV

As well as sexism, TV is guilty of discriminating against us ageing types, says Steven D Wright

Stranger things season 2 poster big

FAANG sinks teeth into the UK

Threat to traditional broadcasters has become even more severe

Hq trivia

HQ Trivia is setting the standard for interactivity

Broadcasters can learn a thing or two from the hit mobile gameshow, says Tom McDonnell

Black mirror

Think beyond the big pay days

Supporting domestic broadcasters is good for the content ecosystem, says Kate Bulkley


Let women into TV big league

Female writers deserve the chance to shine in primetime slots

W1a 2

When is a TV ‘chat’ not a chat?

Don’t be fooled into the idea of informality when called in to ‘talk’, says Vanessa Williams


Time to scrap the old mindset

PSBs must be forward-facing in their approach to on-demand


Time to step up a gear on sustainability

We must make tougher demands of our suppliers, says Howard Ella

Daniel kaluuya bafta

Why we must keep the faith with untested talent

Daniel Kaluuya’s Bafta win is an important reminder of TV’s role in nurturing future stars, says Bryan Elsley

The asian century north korea's nuclear bomb

The rise of Asian factual production

The continent is increasingly open to co-pros, says Julian Chou-Lambert

The voice uk sr2 ep3 33

TV squares up to digital in ad war

Broadcasters are committing to better targeting to attract advertisers

Date or dump

Indies face fight to survive

With TV swamped with start-ups, indies need to be savvy or risk going under, says Ian Lamarra


Welcome bid to end harassment

BFI and Bafta’s guidelines need industry buy-in to effect change

Dispatches britain's abortion extremists

Getting to the truth costs money

Shoestring budgets put current affairs at risk just when we need it most, says David Henshaw

Apple tree house glamping

Old and new share awards spoils

Mainstream channels and titles prove ready to adapt to future

Broadcast offensive to snowflakes 2

Can PC brigade help revive TV?

Millennials’ sensitivities could be key in ridding schedules of tired ideas, says Steven D Wright

Josh 1

Podcasts should be more than an add-on

The medium can be a valuable way for indies to grow the value of their IP, says Josh Adley

06 04 inhumans s01

Is this the end for mass media?

Disney/Fox deal is a sign that the entertainment giants have lost their way, says Dan Allen

V2 black mirror s4 callister 00649

Netflix’s cash changes everything

From content spend to OTT services, broadcasters are playing catch-up, says Kate Bulkley

The end of the f world

All hail the 30-minute curio

Breaking with convention can pay dividends for broadcasters

Screen shot 2018 01 24 at 11.35.26

Why cricket fans have embraced OTT

The benefits of OTT for televising the Ashes tour

History (3)

Commissioners have a tough job

It’s not all long lunches and holidays – this is a demanding, pressurised role, says commissioner-turned-producer Rachel Job

David villa

It’s always sunny for TV in Miami

Forget Realscreen, Natpe offers fantastic opportunities for UK producers, says Danny Fenton

The bachelor

Digital firms go back to the future

Facebook is looking to use familiar formats in innovative ways


Tech firms must play by the rules

It’s time the likes of Google and Facebook took responsibility for their content, says Kate Bulkley

Oprah winfrey

We should all listen to Oprah

Talking about diversity feels very 2017 – this should be the year of doing it, says Ninder Billing

Chris curtis

What’s behind indie launches?

New year brings a host of start-ups with little sign of a slowdown

Roast battle image

Comedy must risk causing offence

If we are to challenge prejudice, we need to be able to push boundaries, says Louise Holmes

Lto tape

What is the point of LTO?

Can LTO conitnue to dominate as an archive format?


Reasons for hope on diversity

Year ahead will show whether TV is rising to the challenge to do better, says Simon Albury

Horrible science 01

A Christmas bonus for kids’ TV

Focusing contestable fund on the genre is a step in the right direction, says Greg Childs

Carrie gracie1

BBC must jump on gender pay gap

Carrie Gracie’s stand shows correction hasn’t come soon enough

Tv wrapped

All they want for Christmas is...

Broadcasters have a lot on their wishlists for the coming year

Darren childs

Time for leaders to tackle harassment

’Our industry needs to change’, says Darren Childs

Lost in time

How real-time game engines are enhancing production

A revolution in real-time visual effects

Screen shot 2017 12 08 at 11.54.06

Survival in the VFX business: A How To Guide

Top tips for surviving in visual effects


New game, new rules for sport

Money is no longer the key factor when it comes to sports rights, says Kate Bulkley


You can’t have too many indies

If anything, we need more to maintain creativity and improve diversity, says Victoria Powell

Chris curtis

Ofcom faces a Herculean task

Regulator needs to move quickly on PSB prominence review

Charlton athletic (2)

Multicamera live streaming on a limited budget

Demystifying remote production

Vince cable

Brexit is a threat to broadcasting

Government must include the industry in any transitional agreement, says Vince Cable


Studios & Worldwide need to bridge cultural divide

BBC Studios has never been terribly comfortable with the notion it has been ‘commercialised’

Jamie dragqueen 18

How a TV doc became a West End show

Jes Wilkins and Jenny Popplewell on changing minds and lives with Jamie: Drag Queen At 16

Tessa chapman

Sharing stories can help break the cycle of sexual harrassment

Investigating the shocking extent of the problem, 5 News reporter Tessa Chapman was surprised to find her own buried memory resurfacing

The yorkshire dales and the lakes4

Everyone reaps the benefits of an inclusive approach

The public want to see themselves on screen – and it makes for better shows, says Jess Fowle

Foyles war

Making the step into high-end drama

What increased demand for high-end TV productions means for skills training

Seetha crop

We need to invest to sustain growth

Training is vital to ensure the UK continues to punch above its weight, says Seetha Kumar

Familie braun3

Short-form content comes of age

Recognition at Emmys shows industry is finally taking format seriously

Save Me

Sky facing crucial tipping point

Bold new drama slate offers best chance of securing a breakout hit

Taskmaster (2)

Galvanising a new generation

The industry needs to be bold and inspire up-and-coming creatives to deliver innovative ideas if we’re to continue finding those next big hits

Blankety blank

On-demand platforms need to improve their accessibility

Broadcasters are missing out on a huge potential audience, says Patricia Hodgson

Kipper cartoon c4

Katz can bring back C4’s bite

Audience for edgy content is still out there, but being underserved, says Steven D Wright

Chris curtis

There’s no place for abuse in TV

Is it really so hard to ensure that people are treated decently?

Spencer younge

Flipping the script on race issues

It’s not just the story being told that matters, but who is telling it, says Lucy Pilkington

MTV EMA Awards

Turning the MTV EMAs into a multi-media phenomenon

Social media, streaming and HD have transformed the blockbuster music event over the past 21 years, writes Richard Godfrey

The Shampoo Summit

Letting the screen convey the truth

Following last night’s Research in Film awards, judge Jan Dalley discusses TV’s power to convey information


Kiss of life for branded content

Advertiser funding is enjoying a resurgence as linear TV viewing wobbles

League of gentlemen

Subscription isn’t a dirty word

BBC must move quickly to capitalise on genuine SVoD opportunity

Image noel curran  ebu dg

Don't take PSBs for granted

European Broadcasting Union director general Noel Curran warns of the risks of undervaluing traditional broadcasters


Price and range are key SVoD battlegrounds

The BBC will have to work hard to convince viewers that its proposed SVoD service is worth paying for, says Stephen Arnell

The a word

Disabled talent deserves a chance

Judge people on what they can bring to a production, not what they can’t, says The A Word’s Marcus Wilson

Taskmaster (2)

How envy inspired a hit comedy

Taskmaster was conceived as a way to get my own back on my friend Tim Key, says Alex Horne

Ian katz 060

Katz has much to prove at C4

Director of programmes must be given time to show his mettle

Premier league image

Tech giants enter battle for TV sports rights

Tech giants could stump up serious cash for exclusive TV sports rights, says Iain McDonald at law firm Lewis Silkin

Top Gear

Climate change on screen: we can do better

Real progress can be made by connecting audiences to solutions, says Aaron Matthews


The media fightback starts here

Traditional players are finding new ways to take on their digital rivals

Sounds like friday night

BBC is bringing the music show into the 21st century

Today’s young fans demand much more than a chart rundown, says Jan Younghusband

Swf 9

Apple’s statement of intent

Jay Hunt’s appointment feels like a transformative step on the path to the digital future

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Rise of women’s sport is a good thing for the industry

Popularity is helping us attract more women into production roles, says Georgina Faulkner

The Great Train Robbery

Self-employed must act on tax

Behave like a business if you want to avoid a tax investigation, says Andrew Brookes

Broadcast rovers return

TV’s not as good as it used to be

Even the drama boom masks a huge slip in quality for today’s shows, says Steven D Wright

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Time to throw off the shackles

Any broadcaster embracing innovation should be celebrated


The UK will always be the home of good TV

With Brexit looming, why has a French indie launched in the UK? Samuel Kissous explains


Canada rises to Netflix challenge

The country’s relationship with the SVoD service is an example to us all, says Kate Bulkley

Ancient games

Look overseas for a way to beat the uncertainty of Brexit

Weak pound makes buying British attractive for foreign broadcasters, says Danny Fenton