Sashka Jankovska explains how the company is ensuring staff understand what menopause is, and are able to talk about it openly and without embarrassment

sashka cinesite

International Women’s Day 2024 has #InspireInclusion as its focal point, so it seems like an appropriate opportunity to discuss menopause in the workplace and why Cinesite has implemented a menopause policy.

Menopausal women are the fastest growing demographic in the workforce, with 8 out of 10 menopausal women in work.

Addressing the stigma

Menopause is for everyone to understand and be included in the conversation, whether it is someone experiencing it directly or someone supporting their partner, friend or colleague.

We aim to ensure that all Cinesite staff understand what menopause is, and are able to talk about it openly and without embarrassment should they wish to.

This is not just an issue for those affected by menopause – everyone should be aware of the impacts of menopause, whether directly or indirectly.

By listening and acting, we can ensure the individual affected is supported. A menopause-friendly workplace encourages a happier, more secure workforce where people feel valued for who they are and what they bring.

It’s reported that 900,000 women in the UK have left their job as a direct result of the menopause.

Cinesite believes that supporting those who suffer with extreme symptoms will help the debilitating effects and make them more manageable but ultimately, it will stop talented and experienced people leaving the workplace.

We are committed to providing an inclusive and supportive working environment for all employees. We have created a menopause policy to raise awareness, to ensure that those impacted by menopausal symptoms feel confident to discuss them, and seek support and reasonable adjustments so they can continue to be successful in their roles.

Our policy has been shaped by the people in our business, what we already have in place and the type of studio we are. 

In my role I feel it’s vital to involve people, ask what’s getting in the way of them being their best at work and always understand how we can help and support them. It is key to be able to demonstrate to them that myself and the team are listening and need everyone to be part of the conversation.

Key points of our implemented policy include:

●    Access to our health benefits

●    Reasonable adjustments to roles and/or working environments are built into our support services

●    A range of resources to provide further support and guidance, such as reading materials, and webinars

●    An employee assistance program, which is a safe space for women experiencing symptoms of the menopause to obtain free, confidential guidance and advice

●    Where necessary, time off for menopause related symptoms

The good news is more and more businesses like Cinesite are recognising the importance of these issues and are working hard to educate staff, and provide the necessary support to employees.

Myself and the team will continue to work and strive to build on our EDI practices & HR policies going forward. Our aim is for our employees to always feel safe, respected and treated fairly within Cinesite. Afterall our artists and technicians are our biggest asset.

Sashka Jankovska is chief HR officer at Cinesite.