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Indie sector speaks up to save Channel 4

Six indie bosses offer passionate defences of C4 – recalling how it boosted their careers &, kickstarted the independent production sector


Resisting privatisation doesn’t mean keeping the status quo

There’s no doubt C4 needs to change – but that’s far more likely if it retains its public ownership

Peter Langenberg

Peter Langenberg: ‘Banijay needs to get bigger’

The group’s chief operating officer on why the super-indie is not resting on its laurels


Banijay UK: reaping the benefits of scale

Lucinda Hicks and Peter Salmon on the ESUK merger’s advantages and their plans to supersize development and the indie roster

TNW_103_NW_2509_4731_RT_credit Nick Wall

The North Water: Going the extra mile for authenticity

With its key whaling scenes filmed on location in the Arctic, The North Water is probably the most northerly drama shoot ever attempted


Tonight With Target: black culture takes centre stage

BBC3 music format aims to reinvigorate the genre by putting a new generation of black British artists in the spotlight


Don’t write off C4 – pushing boundaries is still in its DNA

It may not be the risk-taker it once was, but C4 still offers inspiration to many, says Danny Brocklehurst

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Privatisation: Lessons from C4’s past

What does the previous failed attempt to privatise Channel 4 say about the prospects of avoiding a sale next year?

Olympics 2020 Tokyo 1

Olympics highlights the shift in power away from PSBs

Sub-licensing deal with Discovery leaves viewers disappointed and illustrates the tough challenges facing the BBC, says Scott Bryan

Sue Murphy

Sue Murphy: broadening youth appeal on ITV2

Channel set to add darker tone to non-scripted entertainment slate with stories centring on social media

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