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Mackenzie Crook: Man of many talents

The actor and Pirates of the Caribbean star on leaving Hollywood behind to write and direct for British TV

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Evidence rather than ideology should shape the future of PSB

The ecology of public service broadcasting has to evolve, but debate must be open and honest


Disability should not be a barrier to working in TV

While on-screen representation is improving, the hiring of off-screen talent is still well below target, says Deborah Williams

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  • Focus Group: Social media comedy stars

  • Glued to the Screen: The Great British Bake Off

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Journalist certification a necessity to benchmark truth

As fact becomes increasingly hard to discern in the fake news era, certification offers a means to bring back trust, says Ben Fenton


Shift to on-demand gathers pace as pandemic strikes

Broadcasters that exploit their online services the quickest will win this particular battle, says Kate Bulkley