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TV's quiet revolution

Following the introduction of the EBU’s R128 standard seven years ago, loudness complaints have fallen dramatically. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t work still to be done.

  • TV's quiet revolution

    Following the introduction of the EBU’s R128 standard seven years ago, loudness complaints have fallen dramatically. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t work still to be done.

  • Making the leap into 5G

    What progress is being made towards the introduction of the technology and the rewards it will bring for content providers

  • Embracing the shift to IP

    The move away from SDI transmission towards a more flexible IP-based system is enabling rapid innovation in production workflows

  • Isle of Wight Festival 2017

    This year’s Isle of Wight Festival will be broadcast live on Sky Arts in HD and UHD with 5.1 audio. Will Strauss learns how the OB team plan to deliver TV’s most immersive festival experience ever.

  • Game on for remote production

    IP offers a way for OB firms to deliver additional services at little extra cost, but concerns remain around connectivity and its ability to cope with 4K content.

  • Audibility: the struggle to be heard

    The issue of audibility continues to rear its ugly head. So where in the production and post workflow do the problems occur?

  • HDR in the spotlight

    High Dynamic Range is hugely popular because of the punchy, engaging images it produces, but what challenges does the emerging technology pose for production teams?

  • Dispatches / Panorama: Trump docs

    The race to be first past the post

  • The return of Television Centre

    How the famous studios have been brought into the 21st century

  • The rise of the mega-library

    Getty Images’ deal with ITN Source unpicked

  • Project Phoenix: replacing ITV's promo management system

    ITV head of technology Nick Haworth has spent three years developing a campaign management system capable of delivering promotional content to a vast array of platforms.

  • Cyber security: protecting your assets

    Cyber criminals and rogue governments are increasingly setting their sights on the broadcast community, but there are ways of mitigating the risks.

  • Rise of the machines: AI for editing

    Using powerful pattern-recognition algorithms, artificial intelligence software is increasingly able to take on the heavy lifting of post-production, freeing up editors to concentrate on creative decisions.

  • Post sector in rude health

    The boom in large-scale, big-budget scripted commissions is giving a boost to UK post houses, with increasing demand for UHD, HDR and VFX work.

  • Hunted, C4

    Capturing footage of contestants for C4’s Hunted required some special kit, says Shaun Wilton

  • Building for the future

    A new 90-suite, 33,000 sq ft facility on Newman Street will be the hub for all of post group The Farm’s UHD and HDR work.

  • Gearing up for a 4K world

    With Sky following BT’s lead in launching a 4K service, OB firms are investing in the technology they need to keep up with growing demand.

  • Climate change: carbon neutral production

    Bafta sustainability manager Aaron Matthews hears from three Albert ‘ambassadors’ about the efforts being made to raise awareness of environmental issues and make TV carbon neutral

  • Media Asset Management

    The cloud is now capable of handling many of the processes involved in TV production, but can it be extended to include content management as well?

  • Music placement: the rise of sync

    Leading industry figures discuss how the commercial placement of songs is striking a chord with artists, the music world and broadcasters.

  • Drama heads down 4K route

    Netflix and Amazon are leading the charge into 4K/UHD, and producers are preparing for the transition, but the added cost of post-production is a concern.

  • Object-based broadcasting

    Interactivity in live sport and music broadcasting could be the next game-changing technology upgrade, says Adrian Pennington

  • TV music: what’s the score?

    The much improved range offered by production music libraries is a bonus for programmemakers, but commissioned music can take a show to another level, says Adrian Pennington

  • Faster than a ray of light

    Lytro’s light-field cinema camera could revolutionise film-making, while developments in holographic display are bringing Star Wars-style technology closer to reality

  • Diversity: writing and directing

    Tackling the lack of diversity in writing and directing TV needs more than lip service. Robin Parker reports on efforts to get new voices in front of producers and commissioners

  • Game on for sport OB firms

    Outside broadcast suppliers are in a race to upgrade to Ultra High Definition and IP as the technology teeters on the cusp of becoming mainstream.

  • Behind the scenes: The Secret Life of the Zoo

    For its latest C4 fixed-rig series, production company Blast Films! called on the expertise of rig specialist Minicams to help it get up close and personal to the animals at Chester Zoo.

  • Light entertainment feels the squeeze

    With the likely closure of Fountain Studios, shiny-floor shows could struggle to find space within the M25, but expansion elsewhere should ease the problem.

  • International: China Focus

    China is hardly renowned for its high-quality television drama, so how did a British team end up penning a 40-part detective series for Chinese TV?

  • Roundtable: Rising to the post challenge Video

    From demanding clients to tech innovation, the bosses of the firms shortlisted for this year’s Broadcast Awards discuss the challenges and opportunities in the sector.

  • Training: Stepping Up

    Creative Skillset’s Stepping Up scheme allows those working in TV to advance their career by learning from experienced colleagues. Broadcast speaks to three people helped by the project

  • Tips and tools for capturing the world in 360 degrees

    With the market for VR headsets expected to take off over the next five years, the pressure is on producers to understand how to tell stories in 360 degrees.

  • Playout Q&A: technology bosses reveal their priorities

    The heads of technology at five leading playout organisations explain where they are investing to develop their business

  • Composing The Hunt

    The NHU’s latest series was Oscar-winning composer Steven Price’s first factual commission. But the natural world proved as inspiring as the space scenes for Gravity

  • Music rights and licensing

    Music licensing is an important area - but is not always covered well on TV production courses. Now music publishers are taking matters into their own hands, writes Kevin Hilton

  • 12 tips for using drones

    Deciding which drone supplier is right for you can be a daunting process. We’ve compiled a checklist of some things you need to bear in mind before you take to the skies.

  • Primal Survivor: filming with drones

    Laurence Hamilton-Baillie describes what he learned over two years shooting with drones in some of the planet’s most remote and inhospitable locations

  • Global formats: scaling the format heights

    From naked dating to mountaineering and feel-good prank shows, Peter White provides a rundown of the hottest international properties and the biggest emerging trends.

  • Bring the Noise, Sky 1

    Sky 1’s new comedy and music spectacular Bring The Noise breaks with panel show tradition by taking inspiration for its set from concert arenas

  • ITN special: 60 years on air

    As ITN celebrates its 60th birthday, ITV News editor Geoff Hill introduces a look back at the key moments and innovations that have helped it change the way we see the world

  • Training: growing talent in Northern Ireland

    Northern Ireland Screen’s Aim High scheme has been helping to develop the next generation of TV producers. Now it’s turning its attention to animation and gaming.

  • International studios: a world of opportunity

    Global demand for production space is fuelling a boom in the sector both in the UK and abroad. Adrian Pennington looks at what the most in-demand overseas operations have to offer

  • Cross-border boost for Belfast

    The city’s animation industry is thriving as companies take advantage of new funding models and tax credits from both the UK and Ireland.

  • Rising star in TV production

    From high-end drama and primetime formats to award-winning docs, Northern Ireland is a region that’s starting to shine

  • Behind the scenes: Rugby World Cup 2015

    For the Rugby World Cup kicking off in September, host broadcaster ITV will be rolling out a series ofinnovations in replay technology, camera positioning and fibre connectivity. Adrian Pennington reports

  • Production: sustainability

    More productions are embracing Bafta’s Albert+ sustainability scheme, but progress is slow and a health & safety-style mandate for broadcasters is needed, says Jane Marlow

  • IBC 2015: Interview with Avid CEO Louis Hernandez

    Avid is to overhaul the way that it certifies third party software in a bid to speed up the process of creating apps for use with the company’s MediaCentral Platform.

  • Turn that noise down

    Despite the best efforts of location sound recordists and mixers, extraneous noise can sometimes make it to post. Four experts reveal their tools and techniques for getting rid of the unwanted hums, clicks and pops.