“It was really about the passion of the upright apes.” Read on for the verdict on last night’s TV.

ITV, which has done very nicely for itself recently by betting big on quality drama, seems to be making little stirring motions in the direction of straight documentary too.. The venue delivers some dependable, audience-pleasing content: poorly animals, cute behaviour and winsomeness. But it was really about the passion of the upright apes.”
Tom Sutcliffe, The Independent

“A study of a venerable institution under pressure, The Ark made Regent’s Park a metaphor for Britain. The Zoo is simply a documentary about London Zoo…the comedy came not from acute zoological observation of ZSL’s human inmates, but from monkey farts.”
Andrew Billen, The Times

“Also inevitably, the most interesting creature of all at the zoo is Homo sapiens, subspecies Homina zookeepus.”
Sam Wollaston, The Guardian


While this wasn’t an unsympathetic film by any means, it wasn’t in the business of flattery either…By the end of the film you found yourself wondering whether she was simply powerless to resist the seduction of any camera lens, whatever it was going to reveal.”
Tom Sutcliffe, The Independent

“Rivers’ pathological need to work emerged as an aspect of her pathological need for affection…hardly helped by her chosen persona as the tough bitch that she so clearly isn’t.”
Andrew Billen, The Times


“It’s a noble cause well handled but maybe even more spice would not go amiss.”
Matt Baylis, Daily Express