“Moving, upsetting and fascinating.” Read on for the verdict on last night’s TV.

Cutting Edge: Leaving Home at 8

Cutting Edge: Leaving Home at 8, Channel 4

“It was moving, upsetting and fascinating but all, for want of a better term, very weird.”
Matt Baylis, Daily Express

“The whole thing – watching these sweet little people as they are gradually institutionalised – was so peculiar, so old fashioned, that it made for quite fascinating viewing.”
Alice-Azania Jarvis, The Independent

“What was compelling about the film was something quite different. The way it entered into the emotional life of an eight-year-old in a way that was vivid and unpatronising. It made me feel quite homesick myself, for the raw tenderness of a child’s love.”
Helen Rumbelow, The Times

Dancing on Wheels, BBC3

“The BBC provided a welcome variation on the increasingly mindless string of dance programmes dominating our screens.”
Alice-Azania Jarvis, The Independent

“Well intentioned by misconceived television.”
Helen Rumbelow, The Times