“The title was by far the most interesting thing about this documentary.” Read on for the verdict on last night’s TV.

My Daughter the Teenage Nudist

My Daughter the Teenage Nudist, Channel 4

“There didn’t seem a lot of justification for that title at all, beyond its obvious appeal to a certain kind of prurience. Two mothers did appear from time to time, looking a bit anxious about their daughters’ experimentation with nudity, but Amanda Blue’s film was less about their worries than the fact that old naturists aren’t being replaced by young naturists at a pace that will keep up the numbers.”
Tom Sutcliffe, The Independent

“The title was by far the most interesting thing about this documentary because there isn’t actually very much to say about naturism beyond most people looking better with their clothes on.”
John Crace, The Guardian

Earthflight, BBC1

“Sometimes the metaphorical language has, of course, its origins in nature itself and in those cases, the clichés were repossessed. After a wonderful slo-mo sequence in which a swallow caught a feather mid-air and took it back to his nest, Tennant told us such “soft furnishing” was the “perfect way to feather his nest” and attract a mate. But hearing that some anserine “waifs and strays” had ended up on the “wrong side of town” just sounded wrong.”
Andrew Billen, The Times

“What’s surprising, and what has been a constant surprise about this series right the way through, is that the stork is far from alone in using his human neighbours to his advantage.”
Matt Baylis, The Express

The World’s Scariest Plane Landings, Channel 5

“This selection of 10 clips merely featured near-disasters, but was no more reassuring for that. I prefer my pilots to have worked out how much fuel they need before heading off across the Pacific and not to take off in a plane they had just crash-landed without bothering to get it fixed.”
John Crace, The Guardian

The Good Wife, More4

“It should not be mistaken for first-class drama, and certainly not first-class American drama, but it is good bad television: glossy, pacey, quite witty and with a stand-out performance by Alan Cumming in suits so tight that you wonder how he gets them off.
Andrew Billen, The Times