“She doesn’t seem to see any loveliness in Gissing Hall, just a lot of stuff she doesn’t like.” Read on for the verdict on last night’s TV.

“Before you could say OK!, Watson had brought in the Beckhams’ wedding planner, one Peregrine Armstrong-Jones, to give the place a bit of pizzazz. Gissing Hall, to the apparent chagrin of Anne, got a new logo, new gateposts, new windows and a new identity – not as a hotel but as a wedding venue. A match made in heaven, so to speak.”
Alice-Azania Jarvis, The Independent

“No-nonsense Ruth rocks up in her blue coat and her big vulgar Audi. She doesn’t seem to see any loveliness in Gissing Hall, just a lot of stuff she doesn’t like – the gateposts, the carpets, the bedrooms, pretty much everything. “This looks very sad,” she says, stepping down from the Audi. The Brennans’ decor is grim, she says. They don’t get how to do bedrooms, the curtains in the ballroom – chosen by William and Ann’s daughter Harriet – are revolting. She’s right, of course. But she’s verging on revolting herself.”
Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

The Story of British Pathé, BBC4

“The Story of British Pathé was a familiar one: a pioneering media force overtaken by events and innovations. Still, told as it was – a combination of archive footage and talking heads – it was also an engrossing one.”
Alice-Azania Jarvis, The Independent

“For all Pathé’s comic flaws and quirks, Pathé news was and is history: when we think about the Blitz, the concentration camps and the Nuremburg trials, the images captured on those cumbersome cameras are foremost in our minds.”
Matt Baylis, The Express

Jaycee: Captive for 18 Years, Channel 4

“London’s film was built around clips from interviews that the 29-year old Jaycee gave to American TV, and there was an emotional intensity to the exchanges that even the saccharine questioner from ABC couldn’t demean.”
Ed Potton, The Times