“A penny-pinching documentary itself…the show lacked a point of view.”  Read on for the verdict on last night’s TV.


“A penny-pinching documentary itself… There was no analysis of what sense cutting coupons made and little psychological insight into penny pinchers’ motives. The show lacked a point of view.”
Andrew Billen, The Times

“It was a fun documentary that kept – just – on the right side of the point-and-laugh line but still … you expect something with a bit more heft from Channel 4’s flagship documentary series. A weightier subject, or even just a deeper delving into the psychology of saving versus spending.”
Lucy Mangan, The Guardian 

“Despite the programme’s title this wasn’t a “guide” to anything, just a showcase of what might be considered bizarre human behaviour.”
Matt Bayliss, Daily Express

“It was typical of the documentary’s rather lax approach to economics that nobody thought to ask[the roadkill hunter]  how much he spent on petrol instead.”
Alice Jones, The Independent

“About ten times as interesting as I expected and Rankin, a better presenter by the same factor… Rankin was ill advised to attempt to replicate some of Life’s best images in this documentary, but I blame his director. His interviews were respectful and his own claims modest.”
Andrew Billen, The Times