“He really couldn’t let it lie…” Read on for the verdict on last night’s TV.


Imagine: Scrabble, BBC1

“Yentob never quite got over that, in Scrabble, what words mean doesn’t really matter… He really couldn’t let it lie, signing off with: ‘How ambrosial – but you might have to look that one up.’ How many do you score for pretentious tosser?”
Keith Watson, Metro

““In [Yentob’s] damning critique lurked, I’m sure, a devastating loss of a Scrabble game in one of his Christmases past… Alan is really kind of rubbish at the game he claims he would never want to be good at in the first place.”
Helen Rumbelow, The Times

Clement Freud: In His Own Words, BBC4

“A liqueur chocolate of a programme – rich and sweet and slightly self-indulgent. But very enjoyable too.””
Tom Sutcliffe, The Independent