“It was pacey, strikingly filmed and good-humoured”. Read on for the verdict on last night’s TV.

Horizon: The Truth About Exercise

Horizon: The Truth About Exercise, BBC2

“This was solid popular science programming, both thought- and muscle-provoking.”
Tom Sutcliffe, The Independent

“Presenter Michael Mosley repeated the mantra “The chair is a killer, the chair is a killer.” His father had type two diabetes and he didn’t want to continue that family tradition. But he also detested gyms. What should he do? Mosley put on a pair of what scientists call “fidget pants” that monitored how much his sedentary self moved by comparison with a waitress.” 
Stuart Jeffries, The Guardian

“It was pacey, strikingly filmed and good-humoured – but also anthemic, accessible and achievable, as it set up a new fitness mantra: that very-little and often might suit your body just as well as the government-recommended slog.”
Alex Hardy, The Times

“Appropriately enough, they were moored up in the town of Amble at the beginning of last night’s episode and, as in all previous episodes, also paid a visit to Meander, Bickering and Mucking-About-on-Sea.” 
Tom Sutcliffe, The Independent