“Hislop is turning into a rather good TV social historian.” Read on for the verdict on last nights TV.

Ian Hislop's Age of the Do-Godders

“Hislop is turning into a rather good TV social historian and the first episode of this new three-part series found him trawling through the lives of the Victorian philanthropists.”
John Grace, The Guardian

“The Private Eye editor does these documentaries very well, with authority but no solemnity. And he always gets good talking heads.”
Brian Viner, The Independent

“This series is more interesting than it might otherwise be, in particular because we can see how certain debates were never resolved.”
Matt Baylis, The Express

Panorama: Fifa’s Dirty Secrets, BBC1

“This was investigative journalism of the highest quality and we should be thanking Panorama for running it.”
John Grace, The Guardian

The Trip, BBC2

“There’s been precious little on the box these last few years that has got my wife and me shredding big fat tears of laughter; but The Trip never fails to oblige.”
Brian Viner, The Independent