Restructure sees e-tail portal's workforce halved as chief executive of beeb Ventures Julian Turner steps down, BBC Worldwide's joint venture e-tail portal, is to lose half its staff and its chief executive as part of an ongoing restructure, writes Luke Satchell

Julian Turner, chief executive of Beeb ventures Ltd (bVL), the joint venture company set up between BBC Worldwide and US technology investor TH Lee Putnam Ventures to run, stepped down yesterday as BBC Worldwide announced the 'final phase' of the restructure.

The process began last year with a redesign of the site's front end, and the completion of the overhaul, which has seen changes made to the back-office operation of the business, will see 40 of the site's 80 staff axed.

Turner said 'now operates against a dramatically more efficient business model', and claimed his decision to resign 'is a reflection of the execution and completion of the vision I had for beeb when I took over.'

Kym Nyblock, chief operating officer of beeb Ventures Ltd, will take over the day-to-day running of the business. BBC Worldwide chief executive and bVL chairman Rupert Gavin, will become executive chairman and will assume the 'strategic responsibilities' previously held by Turner.

Gavin said the cuts would be discussed with staff 'over the next few weeks'.