Content and Monetisation Strategies

The transatlantic TV report charting production, distribution and revenue generation.

Major media companies have now faced a decade of disruption from new services bypassing traditional distribution methods and selling subscriptions directly to consumers.

Despite this, for the 20 groups covered in this report, revenue has continued to grow, from more than $150bn in 2012 to $190bn in 2017. At the same time, production costs have spiked by almost 70%, from $65bn in 2012 to almost $100bn in 2017.


Why should you buy this report?

This report looks in detail at their content and monetisation strategies and what is driving growth in some of the world’s biggest media companies.

It’s an essential resource for anyone who wants to know how these media giants are making and spending money and their future strategies.


Key companies covered include:

Amazon, AMC, BBC, CBS, Channel 4, Channel 5, Comcast, Discovery, Disney, Fox, HBO, ITV, Lionsgate, NBC, Netflix, Scripps, Sky, Sony, Turner, UKTV, Viacom, Warner.


Who should buy this report?

The Content and Monetisation report is for professionals across the media landscape, from busy C-suite executives to strategy, insight, investment and research personnel wanting context and data.


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