Broadcast Intelligence reports are assembled using a variety of data and sources. These include company reports, press releases, publicly available information, trusted contacts, interviews with senior media executives and analyst estimates.

This carefully assembled information forms a solid basis on which our models are build, with a company focus delving deep into strategy, explaining results and providing guidance on future outlook.

Broadcast Intelligence deliver forecasts both as part of datasets and written analysis. Our forecasts are designed to provide guidance on the future outlook of a given company or industry segment. As such (in general) they include consideration for service launches, price changes and service alterations. Where relevant these assumptions will be called out in the accompanying text.

Broadcast Intelligence also strives to deliver data which can be compared on a like-for-like basis. As such, in some cases, Broadcast Intelligence data may differ from that published by the company in question, this is normally due to definitional differences which may include differing: geographies, operational segmentations, attribution of internal revenues, accounting for tax and amortisation.

Each report’s methodology can be found on their landing page: