Ed Hall, managing director of Simply Money Channel, reveals that he is not hung like a horse and wants to win on the tables.
What is your proudest moment?Passing out of Britannia Royal Naval College in 1987Who do you most admire in broadcasting?Stephen LeahyWhat was your biggest lie?'I have been commissioned by the BBC to make this documentary...'

What law would you like to break?The law of averages in a casinoIf you could perpetuate a myth about yourself, what would it be?Hung like a horseWhat TV channel would you most like to launch?The Death Channel, for when you're bored of LifestyleWhat makes you angry?Software, IT, anything to do with computersWho would you most like to push off a cliff?Adam Faith (joke)How do you get your own way?Ignore everyone else and shoutWhat are you most afraid of?Nobody coming to my partyWhat would you do with£1 million?Give it to the poor or buy a yacht, depending on mood.