Archie Productions is to remake a Finnish children's show for six new territories after landing its first ever kids' commission.

Turner Broadcasting has ordered 78x30-minute episodes of Staraoke, a karaoke-style entertainment show aimed at ages 7 to 11.

The series will launch in the UK with 12 episodes on Cartoon Network this autumn. The other episodes are destined for Germany, Italy, Spain, France and Poland, but all will be filmed at the MTV studios in London.

In each one, competing kids adopt Cartoon Network characters such as Scooby-Doo and Ben 10 and guide them along a path by singing as accurately as they can, as judged by voice recognition software. Those that stick to the path most closely stand the best chance of collecting the stars along it, and converting them to prizes. Those that collect the least are gunged.

Finn Arnesen, Turner senior vice president of international development, said: “Staraoke is an excellent format of obvious appeal to kids. [The remake will have] many exciting elements added that will take the show to the next level.”

“It's where state of the art technology meets good old-fashioned TV sensibilities,” added Archie creative director John Marley. “It's about trying to deliver what feels like primetime entertainment to a kids' audience - with all the good-looking gloss.”

Marley launched Archie at the start of last year. He was previously a series producer at Talent Television where he was responsible for the CBBC game show Best of Friends.