An overview of coverage from this year’s Media Festival, including Stephen Carter’s keynote, Phil Redmond’s empassioned speech, Jana Bennett’s take on swearing and why Kelvin MacKenzie believes Jonathan Ross’ career is over.

BBC’s Bennett backs Grade on swearing

BBC Vision director Jana Bennett has backed ITV executive chairman Michael Grade’s call to heed unnecessary swearing on TV. [more]

Triffids to sprout again on BBC1

Carter: BBC sharing plans should go beyond PSBs

Minister for communications, technology and broadcasting Stephen Carter has called on the BBC to extend its soon-to-be-announced information sharing initiative beyond the usual public service broadcasters. [more]

Kelvin MacKenzie says Jonathan Ross’ career is over

Kelvin MacKenzie, former editor of The Sun and current chairman of, explains why he believes Jonathan Ross’ career is over following the ‘Sachsgate’ scandal. [more]

Redmond: PSB broadcasters disconnected from real life

Brookside creator Phil Redmond has kickstarted The Media Festival by accusing PSB broadcasters of being disconnected from the cultural life of the UK and insisting they must change or face extinction. [more]

Peter Fincham: Indies should forget terms of trade

Ahead of the Media Festival, ITV director of television Peter Fincham explained to Broadcastnow the issues he was to address in his speech at the event in Manchester. [more]

Full interview (Broadcast, 28 Nov 2008)

  • There’s still life in Phoo Action
    BBC3 controller Danny Cohen has said the corporation may revive canned drama format Phoo Action - but that he could not justify spending£3m on taking it to a full series in its current state. [more]

  • C4/BBC3: Sachsgate will not kill risk-taking
    BBC3 controller Danny Cohen and Channel 4 director of television Julian Bellamy have both pledged that their channels will not lose their nerve by “playing safe” in the wake of the Sachsgate affair. [more]

  • C4 revives Comedy Showcase
    Channel 4 is to broadcast a second series of comedy pilots under the Comedy Showcase banner next autumn. [more]

  • SEO to inform scheduling of the future
    Search engine optimisation will become the new scheduling as more content is commissioned across different platforms, Channel 4 director of new media Jon Gisby has declared. [more]

  • Agents prove obstacle in online drama
    Agents are the last hurdle in convincing talent to get involved in online dramas, according to Littleloud chief executive David Jacklin. [more]