BBC marketing and communications director Matthew Bannister has unveiled plans to cut around 10 per cent to the department's overall budget, writes Tara Conlan.
Bannister is the second divisional director to unveil the results of his review. Last week Gareth Jones told human resources staff he aimed to make 25 per cent cuts (Broadcast, 23.6.00).

Staffing costs are expected to be cut by 16 per cent and the new structure should be in place by October. The department's budget is£70 million.

Bannister also told staff last Friday (23 June ) that he aimed to cut back on duplication in the press department. Under plans to be put before the BBC executive committee and governors he is considering re-focusing TV press away from genres towards channels or different types of viewers.

Last week BBC head of strategic marketing, radio Vanessa Griffiths quit to become Discovery Networks Europe vice-president of marketing.