Changes to the way the Promax UK awards are judged have brought an end to the BBC's dominance of the design and branding ceremony.

Changes to the way the Promax UK awards are judged have brought an end to the BBC's dominance of the design and branding ceremony.

Last year's prize-giving saw two BBC departments win more than 30 awards between them, causing uproar amongst the design community who in turn called for changes to the judging process ( Broadcast15 November 2002). Changes were approved and, in stark contrast, this year's Gold awards were shared out equally amongst the creative services departments of some of the country's major broadcasters. Discovery Networks Europe and Channel 4 Television both picked up four Gold awards each while Cartoon Network won three Gold awards and Film Four and MTV picked up two apiece. The BBC still did well on the night, winning four Gold awards (BBC Wales also won a further three), but failed to win even half as many in total as last year.

The dominance of the Corporation in 2002 prompted the judging committee into making significant changes to the way the winners are chosen. This year the judging panels were given a better mix of personnel with senior designers voting alongside senior executives. In previous years senior management made up the majority of the judges. The awards were also divided up so that different gongs were handed out to originated promos and clip based promos. In previous years both promo types were lumped into the same genre categories. Many amongst the organizing committee and entrants feel that the changes have helped to make judging of the awards more open.

The Promax UK awards were resented by Johnny Vegas at London's Grosvenor House on Saturday night (1 November 2003). A full list of winners is below

1. Best Children's Promotion - originated

GOLD: Where Your Head's AtBBC

SILVER: Nickeldown Crew 2Nickelodeon UK

2. Best Children's Promotion - clip based

GOLD: Three Times a LadyCartoon Network Europe

SILVER: Bill and Ben (CBeebies)BBC

3. Best Drama Promotion - originated

GOLD: ER Launch PromoE4

SILVER: Street Heat - RingsITV

4. Best Drama Promotion - clip based

GOLD: Thursday 12th ITV

SILVER: AliasFive

5. Best Film Promotion - originated

GOLD: Terminator NightFive

SILVER: Passenger 57Turner Entertainment

6. Best Film Promotion - clip based

GOLD: Bruce Lee NightFive


7. Best Entertainment or Comedy Promotion - originated

GOLD: Dirty Sanchez - SickMTV UK

SILVER: The Big ImpressionBBC

8. Best Entertainment or Comedy Promotion - clip based

GOLD: Osbournes 3 - The HandMTV UK

SILVER: 2 Guys and a Girl Triple BillFlextech Television

9. Best Leisure & Lifestyle Promotion - originated

GOLD: Late Night PokerDiscovery Networks Europe

SILVER: Playtex MoonwalkDiscovery Networks

10. Best Leisure & Lifestyle Promotion - clip based

GOLD: New Year GenericDiscovery Networks

SILVER: Wife SwapChannel 4 Television

11. Best Factual or Factual Entertainment Promotion - originated

GOLD: Hitting HomeBBC

SILVER: UK History - WaterlooBBC

12. Best Factual or Factual Entertainment Promotion - clip based

GOLD: The Man Who Jumped Through the EarthBBC Wales

SILVER: Winston's WarChannel 4 Television

13. Best Sports Promotion - originated

GOLD: Five LiveBBC

SILVER: Serious About Sports - GolfBSkyB

14. Best Sports Promotion - Clip based

GOLD: Wales v New ZealandBBC Wales

SILVER: Sportscene - MascotsBBC Scotland

15. Best News & Current Affairs Promotion - originated

GOLD: War on Iraq - PenChannel 4 Television

SILVER: War on Iraq (Smallpox)Channel 4 Television

16. Best News & Current Affairs Promotion - clip based

SILVER: Dispatches - GazaChannel 4 Television

17. Best Rundown or Themed Promotion

GOLD: Property MondayDiscovery Networks Europe

SILVER: The Matrix NightFive

18. Best Direct Response Promotion

GOLD: FilmFour Weekly launchFilmFour

SILVER: Lapdance Island/Pilot ShowE4

19. Best Corporate Promotion

GOLD: FilmFour Weekly launchFilmFour

SILVER: CasillaCartoon Network Europe

20. Best On Air Website or Interactive Promotion

GOLD: Tom & Jerry MouseCartoon Network Europe

SILVER: Ideas Factory4creative

21. Best Sponsor's Credits

GOLD: Hagen-DazsBSkyB

SILVER: Gillette - SpaceBSkyB

22. Best On-Air Branding

GOLD: CasillasCartoon Network Europe

SILVER: Xmas IdsCartoon Network Europe

23. Best Design in Promotion

SILVER: Ideas Factory4creative

GOLD: Passenger 57Turner Entertainment

24. Best Long Form Promotion

GOLD: The PresentatorsNickelodeon UK

SILVER: PhobiasJam Creative Ltd

25. Best Promotion Campaign Idea

GOLD: Six Feet UnderChannel 4 Television

SILVER: Big Brother 4Channel 4 Television

26. Innovation in Production

SILVER: Monstrous Bosses/Loveable RoguesBBC

27. Best Low Budget Idea

GOLD: Wales v CanadaBBC Wales

SILVER: Cuddly SnuffBSkyB

28. Best Print and Poster Idea

GOLD: Who Killed Julius Caesar? - X-RayFive

SILVER: Scuzz Launch CampaignBSkyB

29. Best Script or Copy

GOLD: Big Brother Legal and Compliant E4

SILVER: The League of Gentleman BBC

30. Best Voice Over

GOLD: Street PsychicFlextech

SILVER: Who Wants To Be A MillionaireITV

31. Best Direction

GOLD: Five LiveBBC

SILVER: Street Heat - RingITV

32. Best Use of Humour in Promotion

GOLD: Turbo TuesdayDiscovery Networks Europe

SILVER: Terminator NightFive

33. Most Creative Idea in Under 20 Seconds

GOLD: Six feet under - CoffinChannel 4 Television

SILVER: The Matrix StingFive

34. Most Creative Idea in Under 40 Seconds

GOLD: War on Iraq - SmallpoxChannel 4 Television

SILVER: Dying for DrugsChannel 4 Television