A daily entertainment magazine-style show for the BBC Switch website is poised to make the leap to the teen-oriented strand's BBC2 slot.

The 5.19 Show - named after the time that most teenagers log on to their computers after returning home from school - was commissioned in-house by head of BBC Switch Geoff Goodwin.

To date, 16 episodes have been tested online at www.bbc.co.uk/switch/the519show and posted on Bebo and You Tube. Potential links with social networking sites including Facebook are also being investigated.

Presented by stand-up comedian Tom Deacon, the show aims to take a light-hearted look at fashion, celebrity and music for young teenagers.

Each webisode is between seven and 10 minutes long and it is understood BBC2 will use some of that same content when it starts airing a weekly version in the autumn.

It will keep the title when it is broadcast, despite airing in an earlier slot during Switch's Saturday afternoon schedule.

The show is partly filmed in a basement and also takes to the streets to get teenagers involved with challenges performed by Deacon, such as magic tricks or making animal noises.

In one segment, Deacon sings Incy Wincy Spider to crowds at Covent Garden after he was challenged by viewers to "do something embarrassing".

In another sequence, What is DeacOn?, the host poses on top letterboxes and other objects in the street. The show also promises to regularly feature celebrities and up-and-coming bands. It has already profiled Basshunter, McFly and Elliot Minor.

In addition to live interviews and performances, some guests are asked to complete "humorous" challenges.

A BBC Switch spokeswoman said the format was selected because it was "distinctive and fresh". "At the moment it is living online and growing," she said, adding: "It really is too early to tell what the viewing figures are, but the initial response from viewers has been incredibly positive."

The show has been launched with almost no publicity to allow teenagers to discover the programme by word of mouth, but an official launch will take place in September.

"One of our major concerns when we were talking about the show last October was trying to appeal to a young audience, while not appearing to be trying too hard," the spokeswoman added. "We believe we have struck the right balance with Tom and the format and hopefully viewers will respond to that."

The show is being directed by Iain Slater, produced by Beth Garrod and executive produced by Goodwin.

Other Switch shows include reality format Class of 2008 and interactive detective drama Meta4orce.