Bafta-winning director Morgan Matthews is to make a documentary about the 7/7 terrorist attacks in London, in which 52 people were killed.

Matthews’ indie Minnow Films has been commissioned to produce the as-yet-untitled film for BBC2 by head of documentaries Charlotte Moore and channel controller Janice Hadlow. He has already begun work on the programme, which is expected to air next summer.

Broadcast Greenlight

The 90-minute film will include interviews with survivors and eyewitnesses, and was inspired by the extensive accounts of the day from victims and emergency workers that were given at a recent inquest into the attacks.

A Newsnight special on the verdict, in which coroner Lady Justice Hallett returned a ruling of unlawful killing for all the victims, was watched by 626,000 (3.2%) on 6 May at 7:30pm.

Matthews told Broadcast he had been inspired by the “compelling” stories he had heard as part of this programme, and as a result of the inquest more widely, as well as new archive footage released at that time.

“It’s very early days for us, and we are just sorting through all the different stories we have gathered from survivors, relatives, transport workers and emergency workers,” he said. “The number of people it affected is vast, and the stories that emerged during the inquest made me realise just how extraordinary it was. Because it’s so vast, it will be difficult to capture in a single film, but that is our intention.”

Matthews said he planned “an extended pre-production period” to determine how best to approach the various reports and stories of the day. 

Moore has also commissioned a follow up to award-winning BBC2 series Welcome To Lagos, with one set in Bangladesh.