The newly merged BBC Resources studios and post divisions are to be re-named as BBC Studios and Post Production.

The company, which currently operates with three identities - BBC Resources, BBC Studios and BBC Post Production - will take on the new name from 1 April.

Chief executive Mark Thomas said: “We are becoming one business, under one management team, so it makes sense to have one name. This is a stronger identity for us than BBC Resources because it better reflects what we actually do. BBC Studios and Post Production Limited will be our new legal identity at Companies House.”

Thomas went on to suggest that a complete name change in the future was still a possibility.

“I did consider [a full re-brand], but we are not ready for that yet. There is a lot of reinvention for us to do before a completely new brand identity would make sense. BBC Studios and Post Production is the right name for where we are now: it is who we are as we come together - a straightforward change that best reflects our business today.”

BBC Resources announced the merger of its divisions and the disbanding of its head office earlier this month (March 2009).

Meanwhile, the wholly owned subsidiary of the BBC has made two new internal appointments.

Craig White has accepted the role of head of operations, working alongside Clive Hodge, while Paul Austin becomes head of commercial management with John O'Callaghan.

They will start their new jobs immediately.