BBC Studios and Post Production (S&PP) plans to offer the BBC R&D-developed Ingex acquisition technology to producers as a standalone service.

The multi-camera ingest technology has been tested on EastEnders and Dragon’s Den and will now be packaged up with high-end PCs and tape back-up kit and offered commercially.

The set-up will be made available - along with consultancy, media management and support services - to producers looking to adopt more efficient tapeless HD workflows, regardless of whether or not they use BBC S&PP for the post production.

“Ingex is the enabler for these services,” said Clive Hodge, head of Media Solutions for BBC S&PP. “But it’s up to us to package it into a useable form that is easy to operate. We’ll be providing the things you wrap around it.”

Ingex is an open-source software technology that captures to a variety of formats and removes the need to digitise footage.

Material is logged at the point of capture, potentially enabling quicker and more integrated workflows.

The technology will be given a full rollout on EastEnders between now and April. The kit required has already been bought and the systems are being configured.

Ingex won the Raising the Bar award at the RTS Innovation Awards last year.