BBC3 will attempt to launch a disabled woman as a mainstream fashion model in a new twist on an established format.
Britain's Missing Top Model (working title) will feature eight disabled women, aged 18-30. The 5 x 60-minute series, made by Love Productions, will house the young hopefuls in a London apartment for three weeks and will follow their journey as they are trained in every aspect of the modelling industry.
A panel of judges will steadily eliminate the young hopefuls until they reach a single winner who will be photographed by “one of the world's foremost fashion photographers” for a spread in a glossy magazine.

“This series aims to challenge the artificial boundaries that seem to exist in the beauty and fashion industries,” BBC3 controller Danny Cohen said. “It would be great if in the future we began to see more disabled models gracing the covers of the world's magazines.”

The series will air this summer and will be supported by the BBC's disability website Ouch.

Love Productions creative director Richard McKerrow added: “Our intention is to empower both the women featured in the project and thousands of others who shouldn't be invisible to the fashion industry just because they are disabled people. We're also looking to challenge preconceived notions of beauty.”