BBC3 is to pit hairdressers against quantum physicists in a quiz show designed to challenge conventional thinking on intelligence.

BBC Wales’ 7 x 30-minute Clever Vs Stupid will see call-centre workers and bodybuilders com-pete with poets and Rubik’s Cube champions in a series of tests based on established psychological experiments. These include persuading a little girl to hand over a cake and pour-ing wine while wearing glasses that make the world appear upside down.

BBC Wales executive producer Meredith Chambers said: “It is going to subvert the quiz show while being fun and lively about a taboo.

“Clever Vs Stupid explores the notion that you can be brilliant without engaging with Aristotle.”

Rosie Bray will series produce the show, which was ordered by BBC3 controller Danny Cohen and Knowledge commissioning executive producer for Wales Nick Shearman.

It will air this autumn.