With Selina Scott scoring a victory over Five are we going to see a more mature feminine look on our screens? Geoff Motley doubts it.

I have said it before. While we don't necessarily want to see oldies straining to read Autocue with letter heights so large that half a word at a time scrolls up, some maturity on screen is not a bad thing. If that maturity comes from mature talent such as Selina, Moira Stuart, Angela Rippon and Joan Bakewell then hoo-blinking-ray. The sad thing is that it will not happen.

We are in a business where dazzling dentistry, wrinkle free complexions, silicone and blonde tresses are the prerequisites for TV presenting. Feminine poise, elegant charm and experience that comes from having been around the block a few times doesn't seem to cut it with producers and channel bosses.

Now I'm a bloke of a certain age but I am staggered when I hear female presenters somewhat younger than me bemoaning the fact that in the nicest possible way they have just been given the heave ho, with excuses such as, “Love you, you'd be my personal choice but we are wanting to experiment with something really different for a specific target audience.” What they are really saying is “You mean those are laughter lines? Hmm. I doubt if anything has ever been that funny; too old lovie.”

I am not saying mature blokes have it easy but look at the list of who is on screen and over 60 (no, not me) and then see how many female presenters there are of the same age and I mean regular presenters.

Esther Rantzen has popped up, nobly championing Childline. Then there was that quick whizz around the dance floor, for mature novelty on Strictly, plus her grubby jungle gig. Anna Ford, I hear, has slipped into retirement and Moira Stuart has done a TV ad. Why doesn't she come back and front a fizzingly interesting documentary about dance, music, art and travel; the more off-the-wall the better. I'd love to see our pitifully small handful of mature lady names given a challenge, throwing caution to the wind and being youthfully adventurous and exuberant. They were the epitome of stylish authority for years. Well now's their chance to raise our eyebrows and shock us a little. Be different. Reinvent yourselves.

Are you listening, commissioning editors? Lay down the gauntlet and let ‘em loose. The viewing public will love it. Teasing us with sequinned left-footedness and rat rustling isn't enough. I suppose La Rippon does get the odd antique hunting gig from time to time as does pseudo royal Jenny Bond. They deserve more than rummaging in attics and flea markets.

I'd like to think that Selina Scott's determination will have an effect on editors who still feel that feminine youth is the only way to deliver news and entertainment. Sadly, if it happens at all it will not happen for long. It will be like reality show drop-outs getting a panto and then disappearing to the shadows of showbiz again reminiscing with their ear-bashed agents about the good old days.

John Stapleton has been with us for ages because he's damned good but he's also a bloke. A nice one, but a bloke all the same. List for me on the fingers of one hand his female equivalents who appear as regularly as he does.

Still thinking? Thought so.

Geoff Motley is a broadcaster, presenter and media consultant