Value of diversity

I was surprised to find myself on the cover of Broadcast last week (Broadcast, 12/09/08). I believe passionately in the value and importance of diversity and I am the least likely person to say that “downgrading” the role of channel controller would mean a more diverse range of candidates could then apply. Diversity is a core value for the BBC and I am proud of recent shows like Britain's Missing Top Model and the range of diversity in our recent Saturday night show Last Choir Standing. BBC4 has an excellent and talented controller at the helm, your readers might like to note.
Mary FitzPatrick
Editorial executive, diversity, BBC

T4 is here to stay
Your headline “T4 first in line as cuts loom at C4” (Broadcast, 12/09/08) has given some the impression that Channel 4's T4 is contracting or even disappearing altogether. This is not the case and Steve Jones, Miquita Oliver, Alexa Chung and Rick Edwards will continue to present the best-known youth brand in TV in its usual weekend slot. Original programming will continue to feature as part of our programme mix which also includes repeats of C4 and US series such as Hollyoaks and Friends. T4 now works with more independent production companies than ever and, from autumn, we'll be showing a range of their new programmes in addition to, in 2009, a brand-new eight-part series Ultimate Gap Year plus another 12-part run of our regular teen reality show, Shipwrecked.
Julie Oldroyd
Head of scheduling and T4, Channel 4

Takeaway triumph
I virtually caught this week's Broadcast before it hit the doormat. Though we've made plenty of stonking high-end factual over the years, we've never made it into the big chart - the top 70 network programme list. With Joanna Lumley in the Land of the Northern Lights we're finally there in glorious 18th spot. Nearly 6 million watched - 1.5 million more than the population of Norway. I know we know we made the film. But at moments like this it would be nice to make damn sure everyone else does.
Archie Baron
Takeaway Media