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First Option’s new Covid-19 Production Manual provides detailed advice on how production can restart

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Hot on the heels of the guidance from the broadcasters and the British Film Institute, safety consultants First Option have produced a comprehensive guide to managing the risks of Covid-19 risks in production.

The Yellow Book reflects the current guidance and develops detailed procedures and policies for all the different departments and activities across TV and film production.

“We hope the Yellow Book will help people work through the challenge of getting production restarted, as the pandemic restrictions ease”

Assembled by First Option’s experienced team of production safety consultants in collaboration with medical, microbiology and production experts, the manual brings together the most up to date information and best practice concerning Covid-19 from the UK and around the world.

“We know there’s a lot of guidance already out there but judging by the number of questions we’re receiving from clients every day, we felt there was a need for more specific and detailed information,” says First Option managing director Paul Greeves.

“We hope the Yellow Book will help people work through the challenge of getting production restarted, as the pandemic restrictions ease.”

The manual is presented so that individual departments can understand exactly how they can perform their roles and responsibilities effectively. Furthermore, it deals with specific issues such as testing and hygiene in a level of detail that hasn’t been appropriate in higher-level guidance so far.

Of course, Covid-19 is not a static situation, and therefore neither is the Yellow Book. The manual will be updated in line with each significant government announcement and industry change of policy, as well as evolving with First Option’s growing experience with productions.


The Yellow Book compliments First Option’s core services of production safety advice, including Covid planning and testing and on-set support. It will underpin their Covid-19-specific training, which has proved hugely popular among industry professionals and will soon be extended to cover ‘Covid Supervisor’ and Covid production management training.

The manual also provides more detail on how equipment and technology such as PPE, sanitisation equipment, ‘fogging’, temperature monitoring and proximity tracking can be provided to support film and TV shoots.

Businesses across the globe are looking at how best to re-start in a drastically changing landscape, and the production sector is no different. The Yellow Book, alongside First Option’s risk assessment, on-set support, training and equipment, aims to be an important resource for production companies as the whole industry works together in moving towards restarting production safely.

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