The pair will work on exclusive social content for the team’s new TikTok account.

aston martin f1 tiktok

Aston Martin Cognizant F1 team has partnered with TikTok to distribute social content.

The social video platform will launch a number of hashtag challenges as a result of the deal, which include the #CatchChallenge - which will test users’ reactions to see if they have what it takes to be an F1 driver, #DayInTheLifeOf - which features behind-the-scenes content of the F1 team, and #DidYouKnow  - which aims to educate people about the sport. 

The F1 team will also work on exclusive content for its TikTok account with the platform’s in-house creatives and the wider community. It will also look at new innovations to get viewers engaging with the team.

Rob Bloom, chief marketing officer for Aston Martin Cognizant F1, said: “At Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team, we’re massively invested in developing and growing the contribution of the fans – and we know they’re becoming increasingly adept at building uniquely spun narratives around the teams and drivers they love. And, naturally, TikTok is the perfect home for this.

“At the heart of the brand’s ‘I/AM’ campaign is a spirit of co-creation – inviting fans to bring their thing and build this exciting new era together. Similarly, TikTok is built on the foundations of its Creators.

“In addition, there’s a feeling that creator-driven content within the sport still remains relatively untapped – working together, we can really galvanise the team’s passionate and inventive fan community to build a legacy of landmark social content across the TikTok platform.”

Harley Johnson, sports marketing lead for EMEA at TikTok, added: “This partnership further expands TikTok’s growth within the sports industry and gives us a fantastic opportunity to develop the platform and grow a new audience.

“We’re excited by the way AMCF1 has already developed its social channels, placing the fan at the centre of the experience, and we think the growth of its new TikTok channel will see further new opportunities as it deepens its relationship with not only TikTok, but talented and inspired creators; helping to drive new perceptions of the sport amongst both current and future audiences.”