Channel 4 Education has ordered an online spin-off of comedy drama Fresh Meat to provide resources and guidance to teenagers leaving home for the first time.

The website, produced by Objective Productions Scotland with Maverick Television, will also explore themes from the series, which is returning for a second run later this year.

The Fresh Meat House (working title) website will be updated weekly and closely integrated with the TV series. It is being developed at the same time as the show, features cast members, and will also be written by Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong.

The virtual version of the student house includes exclusive video content designed for over 16s that explores issues such as sexuality, dealing with relationships, finance management and careers advice, as well as a bespoke radio station.

Users will be able to explore each of the characters’ rooms online, including going through JP’s Google history or Josie’s emails.

Advice for teenagers leaving home will be woven into the content through Josie’s supply of Student Union leaflets, Vod’s budget calculator and advice from the student counsellor.

C4 Education editor Gemma Brady ordered the website, which is being executive produced by Judy Counihan, Claire McArdle and Paul Murray, and will go live in October.

The C4 Education department has a budget of £4m, which will be split equally between TV, gaming and online orders.