Channel 4 has been rapped for including footage of a three year-old girl without informing her parents, in Daddy Daycare.

Ofcom has found the broadcaster breached the little girl’s privacy, despite the producers taking numerous steps to protect it.

The programme, produced by Love Productions, tested a group of fathers’ parenting skills by making them work in nurseries.

The three part series was broadcast in February. The second episode featured an excerpt of the following week’s programme, which included Mrs D’s daughter.

Mrs D complained that her daughter’s privacy had been infringed because as her parent she had not signed a consent form and had explicitly said in writing she did not want her daughter filmed.

Despite her wishes being made clear, filming at the nursery was given the go ahead by the head teacher after meetings and discussions found the overwhelming majority of parents had no objection to the programme being made.

The producers put into place a protocol to try and ensure children who didn’t want to be featured were made visible, but were unable to give categorical assurance they wouldn’t be filmed at all.

C4 said in its defence that there was a clear public interest in highlighting the role men play in raising children. However, it admitted despite the precautions and Mrs D’s explicit wishes not to have her daughter filmed or featured, she was missed in the edit and ended up in the programme.

The producers apologised to the family and took swift action to ensure there would be no further identifiable shots of the daughter.