Channel 4's one-off documentary about a special needs community in Yorkshire picked-up a sizeable 2.8 million (13%) at 9pm.
Channel 4's one-off documentary about a special needs community in Yorkshire picked-up a sizeable 2.8 million (13%) at 9pm.

The 60-minute documentary The Strangest Village in Britain, which was part of the broadcaster's Only Humanstrand had some strong opposition from BBC2's repeat of Bill Oddie's search for his ancestors in Who Do You Think You Are?The 60-minute show interested a healthy 2.4 million (11%).

Both shows proved to be more popular than Five's live coverage of the Confederations Cup tie between Brazil and Greece. Five's entire two and a half hour coverage interested 1 million (5%) with a peak audience of 1.4 million (7%).

BBC1 was the most popular channel at 9pm though with the fourth episode of Murphy's Lawaveraging 5 million (23%). Ladette to Lady, also at 9pm, on ITV1 interested 4 million (19%).

As ITV1's Celebrity Love Islandhas been nearing its end the competitive battle with C4's Big Brotherhas been slowly heating up.

C4 extended its coverage of Big Brotherto include a speed-dating task. The 60-minute show at 10pm interested 4 million 21.9%. Despite the antics of the contestants the show was significantly down on the equivalent show last year when it averaged 6.2 million (33.8%). Last night's show achieved a share of 41.1% of the available 16-34 year-old audience. The equivalent show last year managed a share of 59.2% of the same audience profile. The 50-minute edition of Big Brotherlast Thursday (9 June won over 3.6 million (19%).

ITV1's 30-minute Celebrity Love Island, also at 10pm, was 200,000 lower on 3.7 million (18%), with a 25% share of the available 16-34 year-olds.

Over the 30-minute period when the two shows were in direct competition the spoils were though evenly split with 3.7 million (18%).

Neither show on ITV1 or C4 though could match BBC1's Ten O'Clock Newswhich picked-up 4.9 million (24%) over 35-minutes.

Five's US drama import Houseat 10pm had 1.8 million (10%) while BBC2's Australian comedy Kath and Kimamused 1.1 million (5%).

Earlier in the evening at 8pm BBC2's Springwatch with Bill Oddieended its three week run on an episode high of 3.7 million (18%), its highest average audience of its popular run.

C4's US version of Wife Swapcontinued to struggle with 1.8 million (9%) in the same 60-minute slot.

Winning the slot though was ITV1's The Billon 5.2 million (25%).

Peaktime shares for Thursday 16 June: BBC1 - 25.3%, ITV1 - 23.8%, BBC2 - 11.8%, C4 - 10.5%, Five - 5%, multichannel - 23.6%.