Channel 5 has increased its share of the funding for teen drama The Tribe in anticipation of a proposed record deal and merchandising spin-offs, writes Tara Conlan.
C5 controller of children's programmes and religion Nick Wilson has agreed to the channel's share of the budget rising from 10 per cent to 30 per cent for the third series. In return, C5 receives first UK broadcast rights and a share of income from international programme and merchandising deals.

The co-production with New Zealand producer Cloud 9 starts a new 26 x 60-minute run on C5 in November.

Wilson also announced three recommissions. A fifth 15 x 30-minute series of teen extreme sports show Rad from Sunset + Vine has been lined up for June, while United Sport is producing a third 26 x 30-minute series of football fanzine Footy Shorts for the autumn schedule.

Also lined up is a second series of Two Hats Productions' teenage comedy Harry and Cosh.