Broadcast takes a look at a new adaptation of the King Arthur tale.

King Arthur reigns again! Who’s behind it?
Ecosse Films will shoot while Dublin’s Octagon Films, Los Angeles’ GK-TV and Toronto’s Take 5 Productions will co-produce. Filming will take place in Ireland this June and post-production will be handled in Canada.

The Arthurian legend is getting yet another revamp, what’s the angle this time?
Morgan O’Sullivan and Michael Hirst, the team behind hit period drama The Tudors (pictured), are set to executive produce, so expect more of the same treatment for Camelot. Perhaps Arthur will become the new Henry?

Any other off-screen talent involved?
Chris Chibnall, who has worked on both Life On Mars and Torchwood, is to write the 10-part series based on Thomas Malory’s 15th century epic Le Morte d’Arthur.

What’s the next stage?
Casting is currently under way and the show is slotted to broadcast on US cable network Starz in the first half of 2011.