London radio station Capital 95.8 FM is changing its programming policy to concentrate on 20 to 29 year-olds, writes Georgina Lipscomb.
Capital 95.8 FM programming controller Jeff Smith explained he wanted the station to be the 'number one music channel for all young adults between 15 and 34 in London', but added the station was focusing on 20 to 29 year-olds.

Smith denied this would mean there was no place for the 'older' DJs at the station, adding: 'The DJs have simply been told 20 to 29 is the age range they have to address.' However, he said new talent would be developed to present evening and weekend shows.

A Capital Radio spokeswoman told Broadcast: 'It's not just a demographic we're targeting, it's more of a mindset.'

Identifying three categories of Capital audiences - loyal listeners, single people and young listeners - the company is aiming its new strategy particularly at Capital singles who are fickle listeners through evening and weekend programming.

The station's new brand strategy and logo launches on Friday (3 November).

Capital Radio is also planning a re-brand of Capital Gold.