CBeebies has ordered a multiplatform series to help children learn numeracy, as part of its new Love To Learn programming strand.

Numtums (25 x 5 minutes) is an animated series featuring animals called Numbats, each of which has a number on its stomach.

The mixed-media series will have singalong elements and look at a different number every episode, gradually introducing the basics of number recognition, before moving on to counting objects and identifying amounts in a series of scenarios.

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To coincide with the programme, which will play out from the end of February, CBeebies has developed a series of interactive games that parents or carers can play with their children.

There are 25 games from which to choose, including seeing how many ice creams a Numtum can juggle, sneaking footballs past the Numtum goalie, or using a webcam to tickle Numtums until they giggle. The games were developed by digital indie Plug In Media.

Controller Kay Benbow, who ordered the series, said: “It is vital that CBeebies provides our youngest audience with a strong introduction to literacy and numeracy skills. But it is also important that they have fun while they learn. We’re giving parents the opportunity to allocate time in their busy days for their children to practice their basic letter and number recognition.”

CBeebies has also revealed the multiplatform offering for Natural History Unit-produced series Andy’s Wild Adventures.

Developed by Aardman Digital, the game allows children to travel the world as far as the Amazon or the Savannah, to learn about the natural wildlife of those regions. Andy’s Wild Adventures began broadcasting this week.