Image Metrics has acquired Character-FX, the avatar company responsible for integrated facial rigging tools for Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max.

Character-FX technology helps to create character facial rigs using a proprietary automated weighting transfer system that shifts a character’s facial motion to create life-like movements.

Image Metrics plans to integrate Character-FX technology into its Faceware animation suite.

Founder John Riggs, who will join Image Metrics as director of Avatar development, said: “The Character-FX rigging process was designed to create a highly flexible character model, in a way that fits with any production environment.

As Image Metrics’ unique animation technology is the perfect platform for animating Character-FX avatars quickly and believably, the integration of Character-FX with Image Metrics’ performance-based animation software will produce characters whose expressions and movement resonate with audiences and gamers.”

Image Metrics provides facial animation software and services to the interactive entertainment and film industries. 

Double Negative used Image Metrics’ Faceware software in-house to animate a stone effigy of the main character’s mother in the film, The Wolfman (pictured).