World's first virtual newscaster delivers news bulletins on Press Association website
Ananova becomes the world's first virtual newscaster on Wednesday (19 April) when she reads her debut bulletin on the internet. The animated 'cyberbabe', developed by the Press Association, will deliver two-minute news updates over the web.

PA is selling off, its new media division, next month. At a news conference on Tuesday (18 April), PA head Robert Simpson said recent market turbulence had not upset talks with prospective buyers. 'This hasn't entered into the discussions at all,' he said.

Ananova, which hopes to make its money through advertising and e-commerce, will soon face competition from Vandrea, a rival based on Channel 5 newsreader Andrea Calderwood.

Mike Hambly, chief executive of Digital Animations Group, which created the character animation and real-time technologies behind Ananova, said: 'Ananova is a glimpse at a future full of digital personal assistants reminding you of appointments, directing you to the nearest restaurant for a quick lunch, even telling you what you have in your fridge at home.' The company is already developing the next generation of digital characters for simultaneous TV and internet broadcast.

Ananova can be found at