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  • Ben Bradshaw

    Bradshaw sidesteps BBC expenses row


    Media secretary Ben Bradshaw had refused to intervene in the political row over BBC salaries and expenses despite MPs voicing concerns in the Commons.

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    Lyons on defence after 'BBC doormat' sideswipe


    A Conservative MP has accused BBC Trust chairman Michael Lyons of being the corporation’s “doormat” during parliamentary questions.

  • Gordon Brown

    Top-slicing legislation plan revealed


    Gordon Brown has revealed government plans to formally introduce legislation that will divert TV licence fee revenue into propping up regional news coverage on ITV1.

  • Gordon Brown

    PM plans BBC top slicing bill


    DIGITAL BRITAIN: Gordon Brown is to rush a bill through parliament allowing top slicing of the BBC licence fee to become law before the general election, widely expected next May.

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    MPs reject licence fee freeze


    More than 150 MPs voted to freeze the BBC licence fee at last year’s level yesterday - but the Tory motion was comfortably defeated in the House of Commons.

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    Tory plot to block licence fee rise


    The Conservatives are threatening the stability of the BBC’s finances by forcing an unprecedented House of Commons vote on whether to freeze the BBC licence fee at last year’s level.

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    NUJ: overhaul policing of media at protests


    Police officers should be made accountable for breaching guidelines drawn up with the BBC and other organisations for policing demonstrations like the G20, the NUJ has told Parliament.

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    MPs criticise BBC over horse racing cutbacks


    The BBC is facing mounting criticism from MPs over a decision to reduce its horse racing coverage.

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    BBC may share resources with local news services


    The BBC is expected to unveil proposals for a deal with local news services that would see it share resources with newspapers, TV and radio stations for the first time.

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    Peers call for contestable PSB funding


    The BBC could face a loss of licence fee revenue to other broadcasters if the government heeds a plea from the House of Lords communications committee to use it to solve the PSB funding crisis.