The Digital Production Partnership (DPP) and the International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers (IABM) are launching separate initiatives to help production companies, post firms and broadcasters improve their file-based workflows.

Technology consultancy firm Mediasmiths is preparing a report on workflows for cross-broadcaster initiative the DPP.

The report, which is expected to appear in late May, will pull together information from attendees at the DPP’s open industry forums.

It will provide guidance on how production and post-production companies can achieve “smoother end-to-end-digital workflows, identify friction points and maximise technical compatibility”.

Meanwhile, the IABM is holding a course called Broadcast Technology Workflows - The Fundamentals, in an effort to improve understanding of broadcast workflows.

The two-day course, which takes place 9-10 May in Reading, will cover metadata and media management, standards, and processes from ingest to delivery.