Music-licensing service Epidemic Sound is planning an aggressive push into the UK after having struck a deal with trade body Pact.

The online service, which was established in Sweden by a team that includes former Zodiak Television executives Oscar Höglund and Jan Zachrisson, offers indies a one-stop shop to source music for TV shows.

The catalogue boasts around 20,000 tracks, with 90% of the content made up of instrumental production music.

Epidemic’s deal with Pact will mean the trade body will offer its members free access to the service for an initial six months.

Höglund plans to use the deal as a launch pad to learn more about the UK market before unveiling a premium version next year, with both subscription and pay-per-second options.

Höglund said the traditional model, whereby indies are forced to clear music on a platform-by-platform basis across each new territory, “was broken”.

“It’s too complicated to find, clear and pay for music across multiple territories and on a variety of platforms,” he explained. “We’re reinventing the way music licensing works because we have no legacy – we’re working from the bottom up.”

Epidemic has worked with broadcasters across Scandinavia, and the UK is considered a key market for the music-licensing service to move into due to the scale of its production.

Pact chief executive John McVay said: “Even if it helps producers save 3% of their costs they’d be daft not to consider the free offer.”

The service will go head-to-head with music publishers such as Audio Network, Universal Music Publishing and ExtremeMusic.