Channel 4 is to offer teenagers expert advice on their sex lives in a specially created walk-in clinic.

The 4 x 60-minute series The Joy Of Teen Sex is being produced by Betty and follows on from a pilot that was aired in April, called Sex Talk For Teens.

An all-female team who have specialist knowledge in teen sexual health will present the show. Teenagers appearing will be offered advice from social worker Ruth Corden (James Corden’s sister), who specialises in teens, Dr Rachel Jones, a sexual health doctor, and sex coach Joanna Wierzbicka.

The frank nature of the show aimed at 16-to 24 year-olds will see teenagers talking about sexual performance and genital health. Each episode will also feature teenage journalist Billie JD Porter, looking at the sex and glamour industry and talking to her peers about the dilemmas they face.

Betty creative director Walter Iuzzolino said: “This is a show that’s aimed at the sexually active generation. As a young adult, there is often nowhere to go to get unbiased advice. This show allows teenagers to share their experiences with professionals and get frank and honest feedback.”

The series has been commissioned by factual entertainment commissioning editor Tina Flintoff and deputy head of factual entertainment Liam Humphreys, who also commissioned the pilot.

He said the show would be “a window into a crucial aspect of young people’s lives”.

“It will allow teenagers to share their experiences and get professional advice about their concerns, but will also reflect the enjoyable side of teen love lives.”

The exec producer is Paula Trafford, who joined Betty this summer to oversee the series, while Emma Peach is series producer.

Trafford is a former editor of This Morning and was also managing director of Planet Wild and Scarlet TV, where she was the executive producer of Delia Through The Decades.

Iuzzolino said her experience in popular television “was second to none”.